TEAS V - scores/discussion only!!!



i'm making the post for teas v scores only.

there isn't alot of admission information on teas v scores yet because it is so new... so this thread is for the scores of your teas v test and if you got accepted (if you already know)...this helps us know where we stand in average scores.

please don't ask for study tips or anything other than comparing scores.. thank you :) :) :)



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88 overall score, 98th percentile nationally, accepted!

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Wow! Great score GetThere! I did really well in every part, 93 in reading, 80 in math and 80 in English. BOMBED the science portion!! Got a 70 overall score, 69 percentile nationally, accepted. Let it be known that applying to my LPN school was a last minute decision. I had two weeks to get all of my forms, references, test done. Also had only one week to prepare for the TEAS after being out of school since 1999!! So, I was happy with how it turned out. Completely shocked that I got accepted. I was sure I would need a higher score but our school says that the math and reading portion are weighted so maybe that made the difference in my situation, where my science score was so low! Good luck to you guys!

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I just took the TEAS V and I got...

82.0 % Adjusted overall

Percentile rank -NATIONAL- 91

Percentile rank -PROGRAM- 93

I am not sure how good/bad this is??? And I just took it so I don't know if I am accepted or not but I feel confident.