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hello, do anyone have any advice as far as the teas testing goes? i'am so nervous but yet to close to getting in the lpn program to not pass:nono:. was the science portion as hard as everyone's making it seem???:smackingf

im open to advice fefe:nurse:


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Science was the hardest section for me.

I took the TEAS for the 1st time before I started my pre-reqs & only got an 87 or 88 - I can't remember which. I took it again after having all my ANP's & Micro and scored a 91 or 92. Although it is difficult, it's not near as difficult as pulling an A in the ANP's was.

A lot of people have trouble with the math section, also, due to the time limit. It's not hard math, actually pretty basic stuff. However, if you take too much time checking, re-checking, & checking again, you'll run out of time & not pass.

Also, I wouldn't waste money on the ATI study guide. It's crap & the practice exams it gives are WAY harder than the actual test.


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Thanks for the reply. I actually took a guide from online and it seems like 6 months worth of studying!!lol:typing However, I don't think It'll be that bad because the school I'm trying to get accepted to is only asking for a 65% to get into the LPN program which is nothing to me.:up:

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I found out that I needed to take it, and then took it two weeks later or so - it's not that hard, you'll be fine! This is stuff you learned in high school. My only recommendation is if you've been out of school for a while, brush up on your basic math stuff. I thought the science portion would be so hard, and was worried about chemistry - it really wasn't bad. Take a practice test, and then concentrate your studies on the areas you did the worst in. If you score well in everything on the practice test, then just read a bit to boost your confidence.

Good luck!


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I thought the on-line practice test was harder than the actual test, so if you do well on that, you should be good. Also, very important, when you are practicing math, do not use a calculator because you can't on the test. You need to be able to do the problems on paper as fast as you can. Even with being good with math, it still took me almost the whole time to do that portion. I think I had 2 minutes left.

Good luck.


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Thank you so much. :balloons: I'll keep you posted!!!!


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WHAT!! No calculator. I didn't know that.:eek: Now I can start practcing without one. Thank you so much for the info!!!!

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I posted this almost a year ago, right after taking it - I had forgotten about this website, but it was very helpful in figuring out what to study!

""Re: Teas Test

I just got home from taking the TEAS, and I didn't think it was too bad. Someone I know freaked me out by saying it was super hard, but I thought it was kind of basic.

I took the practice diagnostic tests at http://www.testprepreview.com, and decided to just brush up on my science. I used the Kaplan review and looked over the chemistry and physics, which was good because I had a bunch of questions on the periodic table of elements, how many electrons/protons in certain things, etc. The science was definitely hardest for me. If you are worried about a particular subject, shell out the $30 for a review book and study for a few weeks first.

Overall, my percentile rank was 97 - I was pretty happy with that.""


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Thank you!!!! This is really helpful!!

Are you now a RN?

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Nope, but I will be in August!:D


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Are you going to specialize in Labor and delivery??

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Yes - will probably start out in med surg, but will be getting my masters and doing midwifery.

Do you have an area that you are interested in?

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