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does anyone know what score UCO is looking for on the teas test and how often can you take it. i got an application packet today at uco and it gives alot of options on dates to take the test, like once a month. i am just wondering if you can take it as many times as you want to raise your grade if you need to.


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I don't remember what the score level was... but if you are going to take it, get a study book (one of the nursing school admission test study books) and practice thinking like a test! (you know, the wording, the choices, the way of thinking..) And take it as soon as you can. Slots fill up. Don't wait for the last slot, because if you don't do as well, you won't have time to take it in time for your application. Good luck!


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and let me try to at least answer your question! I seem to recall that the exact score depends on how many apply and where the "line" is, between the top candidates. So it varies. I know I scored high, but others scored lower and got in as well. Also, if you take it once and get a decent score (like in the mid 80s), if you keep taking it over and over, you may knock someone out of a slot/opportunity to take it, when you've got score that gives you a good shot at it. Does this make any sense?! late, tired, long day, etc... :yawn:


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Do schools take the most recent test score or do they take the highest score? I'm just wondering if for some reason I score lower the second time, will they take my first and higher score or the most recent test score...


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They will take the highest score. Try aiming for 80+ and you will have a good shot!

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