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Just wanted an honest opinion on how difficult the TEAS test really is. I am hearing mixed messages from several of my peers. The RN program received my application and called me that day to advise me I have a week before the test. At my school you have to wait for their call which didn't give me much time. I hope someone can ease my fears.



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hey hopecandy - In my opinion the TEAS test is a lot of review of what you have learned in the past. The problem for me was the math section - some of it I had learned nine years ago!! The study guide really helped me on that part because I really needed to review! The science section is mainly questions involving experiments and how to go about doing them. I found that there was really no way to study for those, they are more common sense. If you have the time, looking at the study guide put out by ATI testing is really helpful. It goes over a lot of what is on the test and prepares you for the real thing. I was really nervous before taking it, but after it was done, I remember thinking that it wasn't so bad. Good luck!! ;)


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SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EASY! really the only part I was worried about was the fractions and I missed 2 out of the entire test. :) I am 28 and was never a top student in High School.


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Hola...im going to do the Teas Teat March 22nd, i need help...i just want to know what type of question are going to be there....math is no a problem....MY PROBLEM IS READING....im from Venezuela and you know we read in spanish....i know how to read.....but no poetry and nothing like that...help me pleaseeee!!!


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Definitely get the test guide!! I started the guide on Monday and was taking the test on Friday. There are 4 sections and a "final exam." I did 1 section per night and added the final exam on the 4th night. I did fairly well in the guide--mostly B's, but on exam day I scored in the 94th percentile nationwide. Hey I'm no genius (mostly an A/B student) so if you prepare for the test you should do well!

Good Luck and don't worry!:D


PS. NO POETRY only reading and giving the main idea or the mood of the selection (humorous, serious, angry etc.) As well as correcting grammar in a selection.

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