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I am wanting to study befor taking my TEAS test and am wondering if anyone has used a study guide that they liked or found to be very helpfull? There are lots out on the market, but because I have not yet taken the test I have no clue what to look for in a guide. Thank you, Looking for Advice


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Hi Holl Doll,The first thing you will want to do is read the entire sticky entitled, Teas Study Skills Sticky - DO NOT POST TEST Questions". You will find it on the page one at the very top. It will give you great insight as to what may be on your TEAS test and what guides are helpful. There are different versions of TEAS tests that schools use. If possible, find out what version your school uses and get that particular study guide also. It could be Version 3 or 4 or maybe Version 5. From all the information that I have gathered personally, there is no one majic bullet to help study. I am using all the study guides and web sites that were recommeded. I suggest looking at all the sources suggested in the the TEAS thread and use what works best for you and your style of learning. Best wishes to you.Hope


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go to this website aittesting.com and looking for 3.4 TEAS for 60 dollars... that was the best. good luck


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i recently bought the teas study guide book for $40 at barnes n noble. I havn't taken the test yet, but the math section is good in the book once you know the basics. the first time i took the practice math test i was horrrrrible. i thought it was absolutely imposible!! but then my friend let me borrow one of her books.. it's called..." the nursing school entrance exam book," by Mcgraw-Hill's. i studied that for a week, and then i went back to the teas book and i was able to answer a lot of the questions. So i would get both of these books to study from. Currently i am studying from both of them too. I can't put down the books either. i am constantly studying.

- Also, i went to my school to find out what version i'll be taking. I will be taking the teas 4.0 version. Anyway, while i was there i asked a student if she took the test and she said that she took the test, passed, and didn't even study for it.

Good Luck:idea:

I just took it today and scored an 86%. I just bought the online practice tests from ATI and did those. I scored higher on the real test than with the practice tests. The questions were a bit harder on the real test, but the answer choices made it easier to guess right. The math is probably worth studying because you can improve that score, but the rest is so random that studying would be difficult. Good luck and don't worry - you'll do fine!