I did the first semester of RN and passed 110 but not 111. I have a problem with this. Since I already entered the program and only failed one class, I feel it is unnecessary and unfair to have to retake the TEAS. I was put at the end of the TEAS list to re-enter the program and I had to wait 2 years before I could re-enter. I had to go to the end of the line of people waiting to take the TEAS. Now I had to re-take the test. I failed it. But my issue is, if I failed both classes, I would understand of having to retake the TEAS since it is version V now. But I was already accepted and passed one class.

Is there anyway I can contest this? I've worked so hard for this and to have my calling smashed is extremely hard to handle.

Thank you for any help you can give



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Depends if the policy was posted on their website when you started the program. If it was in use when you started then you probably have little recourse. If it is a new policy since you started, then go to the dean of School of Nursing. If you don't get it resolved with the dean then go to the Provost of the university. The provost would be the end of the line.


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Take it again are you worried about it that much, are you not ingesting the info correctly? You can always get a tutor to help you. Dont be afraid to ask for help. Suck it up and go get your RN, there are always hills to climb and opstickles do what you need to do to finish the program you can do it. Your only failing yourself, Your wasting time, cowboy up and get it done;-)