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I need advice from anyone who has taken the TEAS. I have been studying from the TEAS manual and have found the practice tests on the Science section to be very difficult. (I have recently taken Bio., Chem. and A & P and have a 4.0 in each respectively.) I decided to try the Test Prep Review website and taken those Science practice tests, which I was much more successful at. I'm wondering though, are those questions from that website a good reflection of what is actually on the exam? I take the TEAS this Friday, June 5th. I'm in an absolute panic. Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated!

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I took the TEAS two months ago, so I can't quite remember exactly what was on the science portion, but I did feel like the ATI study guide did an ok job preparing me for it. I never took the online practice test. During the test I do remember seeing some stuff that was straight out of the study guide, while other things were more along the lines of you either know it or you don't. I know this doesn't help you much, but I would just say at this point, continue to study as much as you can before the test and the night before just make sure to get plenty of rest and eat a good meal.


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I actually thought the ATI online assessment had a pretty good representation of questions in the Science section. The questions on testprepreview.com are a little more simple and short. You should definitely review Earth Science. I tried to do that, but I still had trouble with those questions on the test. Some topics that are worth looking over are rocks, tectonic plates, ionic bonds, etc. In my opinion though, there are soo many topics covered in the science section, yet it is pretty small compared to the other sections. For me, I studied as much as I could for the science and then moved on to another section that was more significant.

Good luck studying!

yes! for the science you should be okay since you are doing well in your science courses! perhaps review earth science (rocks, earth layers, clouds) because that may be stuff you haven't been going over in your science classes for nursing. basically go over the basics for each science category....for example, for chemistry go over atomic structures, elements...etc. a lot of it is stuff that you either know it or you don't. but studying the basics will jog your brain into remembering the info you learned a whole ago. good luck!


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What I'm finding out is that the questions on the Science portion require quite a bit of critical thinking, Did anyone else feel that way?

definitely, yes. there is a lot of critical thinking such as analyzing graphs, diagrams, pictures...etc


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What about the rest of the test? Do you think that the study guide is a good representation of what is actually on those sections? I felt that the reading was exceptionally easy. I don't want to be unrealistically overconfident on anything.

sorry, i never actually used any study guides. but from what i've heard from other people, they are a pretty good representation of the actual exam. i found the reading section on the test very easy. i don't think i missed any in that section. good luck!


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And so if I need to review Chem, were those questions more stright forward? Like atomic structure, knowing the parts of the atom, charges of the different elements, families/groups etc.....The straight forward questions are no problem. It's when I start to over-analyze I end up in trouble!

they were straight forward from what i remember! i took it last year so it's a little fuzzy! haha! are you allowed to take it twice? i hear most people improve drastically the second time they take it...


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Yes. But I'm afraid I'll lose my nerve if I have to do it again. I've wanted to do this my whole life. Lost my nerve after high school. Now 20 years and 5 kids later, I am ready to tackle it again. I just feel like the test can weed out good students who aren't always good test takers.

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