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I have been studying for the NET and I just found out that in June the NET will be replaced by the TEAS :banghead:. Can someone who has taken the TEAS please let me know how it is set up and the differences (if any) between TEAS and the NET? I would really appreciate it.:bow:


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I'm not familiar with the NET, but I took the TEAS in January. I bought the study guide from the website and the test was very similar. I've also heard that Kaplan has a good book that might be more thorough with the Sciences than the ATI study guide. I remember the test having some really random science questions like about forces and stuff that I hadn't seen since taking physics a long time ago. I think I was more worried about it than I needed to be. I didn't think it was that hard. Practice doing math problems (quickly) without a calculator...addition of 5-6 numbers with decimals, long division with and without decimals, percentages, multiplication...etc.

There are a few other posts on this that I came across after taking the test that I thought would have been helpful in choosing what to focus on. You might want to try find them.

The study guide from the ATI website prepared me well enough. Good luck!

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