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  1. What kind of math questions are on the TEAS V

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      What is the math material on the teas exam
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      what do i study for the math section

Heyy everyone!

I'm taking the TEAS V in about a week. I've been studying for the past 2 weeks but i feel like im not learning anything new. I purchased the secrets of the TEAS exam study guide and read through it but im not learning anything from. It had everything in there that i already know which are basically all the basic English,Reading, Math and Science which are all easy!, except the math portion =( if someone can pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee pleaseee just help me with telling me what i need to know for the math section that would be great I AM FREAKING OUT and i really want to get a good grade so i can get accepted to the nursing program!!!! ANYONE OUT THERE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I took the TEAS exam last year and was completely freaking out over it, and when I was finished I thought "that was so easy". They just want to make sure you know basic high school level arithmatic and algebra. It's much easier than the Accuplacer exams. The hardest part for me wasn't the math (and I'm AWFUL at math) it was the science. I was frustrated with it because it wasn't all chemisty/biology questions like I was expecting. I got a questions about astronomy and geology. I remember one was about how sedimentary rock is formed, and all I could think was what does this have to do with healthcare? But if you've been studying for two weeks you'll do awesome! Just relax, it's a lot easier than you're thinking it will be! Good luck!

Work rate problems, beginner's Geometry, lots of pre algebra, lots of ratio and proportions, & a few statistics and propability problems.

I'm terrible at math and did fine on the TEAS V. Just review what's in the ATI study guide, and you'll be fine. I recall the math being very basic, pre-algebra type stuff. Brush up on decimals, percentages, fractions, and basic equations and I'm sure you won't have any problems!

I took the TEAS V in July. I scored 88% on the math portion of the exam. I would say things to focus on the most are algebraic expressions, like finding x. Also percentages. Lots of fractions and decimals... find out the proper way to add, subtract, multiply, and divide these!

You should also practice long division and multiplication by hand, because you cannot use a calculator, but all questions can be done by hand.

Good luck!

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Specializes in ED/Trauma/Field Case Manager.

Hi Sali123!

Just took the teas v today. No statistics/probability problems. A few fraction, solve for x, absolute value with inequality signs, percents, decimals, multiplication/division. It really was not too bad. Dont stress yourself out, stay calm. Good luck!

My Score: 87.3

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You need to be able to multiply and divide numbers by hand. Having those two skills mastered will save you a lot of time because you will do them a good bit. There are no calculators.

There is more to it then that. Seems schools get to custom arrange the Teas exam, because everyone has a different story. My friend took it a month ago and said it had graphs, it had geometry, it had word problems, metric conversions, and polynomials.

Cover all your bases-get the ATI book

ATI study guide is a must! :yeah:

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