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What is the best way I can prepare for my TEAS Test? Should I wait until I have taken my Pre-Req for Nursing school before I take the test? Because my study book that I have has a small section about Anatomy and Physiology. But I haven't taken the class yet. I will be taking my courses at a community college.

Definitely wait until Anatomy and Physiology are completed. And study those topics for retention (rather than "learn and burn") as Anatomy and Phys are the majority of the science sections. In my opinion, you can get by without microbiology as long as you take time to study the body's immune responses

I agree with SDBoyy; complete A&P first if it's practical to do so. I took the exam while taking Intro to A&P, about three weeks before the end of the course, and scored 85.1% on the science section of the exam. Had I taken the exam before starting the course I'm certain my score would have been considerably lower.

You will definitely benefit from taking and retaining the knowledge of those classes. I would also recommend buying the ATI Study Materials. They were very helpful in my preparation for the test. It helped seeing how questions will be worded as well as addressing which topics/concepts I had to review. The practice tests are also a great way to take "practice runs" and the test as a whole. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!!

:( My school wants us to take the TEAS by the end of October 2017 (for those of us applying for the Fall 2018 nursing start date.) There's later test dates but they're really pushing for early testing. I'm not scheduled to take A&P until next January. Guess I know what I'm going to be studying non stop for the next 3 weeks.