When to take TEAS V?

  1. If, say, the application deadline to a school that requires it is April 1st, when would be the last day I could take the online version and still have results sent over in time? And the TEAS V is available on many days, right? (unlike SAT national testing dates) If April 1st is the deadline, does that mean the results have to be available and sent prior to that date or I could take it on Feb 28th and still be okay?
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    Take it as soon as possible. That allows you to retake it if your score is lower than you need to be competitive. I took it through the nursing school and we used our own laptops. Your results are available immediately after you complete the test.
  4. by   MissSacStudent
    As in most situations, you don't want to cut it too short to the deadline. That being said, many schools will only take your first attempt, so give yourself plenty of time to study and do well on the exam. Do not take it if you are not ready! It is better to take your time and get an excellent score that you will have forever than to rush it and have to wait to retake the TEAS and apply. You will receive your results as soon as you complete the exam, even before you leave the testing center that day, and from what I understand they are submitted electronically so will not take long for your school of choice to receive. My personal advice would be to give yourself plenty of time to study, but enough time before the deadline ( a week even? ) to get your results and everything in order. Good luck!
  5. by   angie2424
    If the deadline is April 1st I would not wait much longer. The test is not to hard but you want to get the best score possible to set you apart from the competition. I found about 3 or 4 different study tools and used them for about 3 weeks and then took the test and did pretty good.

    Good Luck