What are my chances?? Any input greatly appreciated!

  1. So, I just took the TEAS yesterday. I ended up doing pretty well actually with an 83.3% AIS, but I definitely didn't reach my goal. Now I'm starting to become worried that it's not "well enough". I'm not sure how everyone elses school goes about acception and scores, but my shool uses A&P I and A&P II, English, & Psychology for grade points. I have an A in anatomy 1 and will have an A in anatomy 2, and I had a B in english & in psychology :/

    Anatomy I: A=30 B=20 C=10
    Anatomy II: A=30 B=20 C=10
    English: A=15 B=10 C=5
    Psychology: A=15 B= 10 C=5
    For a total of 90 points.
    The Teas is worth 100.

    My scores are
    Adjusted individual total score: 83.3% advanced
    National mean: 64.3%
    Program mean: 64.9%
    Percentile rank - National: 93
    Percentile rank - Program: 94

    Subtest Scores
    Reading: 83.3%
    Percentile: 83 National & Program
    Mean: 70.5% National, 71.2% Program

    Math: 90.0%
    Percentile: 92 National & Program
    Mean: 69.0% National, 69.8% Program

    Science: 85.4%
    Percentile: 98 National & Program
    Mean: 53.6% National & 54.3% Program

    English: 73.3%
    Percentile: 78 National & Program
    Mean: 63.8% National, 64.3% Program

    So if i'm calculating everything right, then I should have a 162.7. Has anyone gotten into the program with a score close to that??? This next 3 months of waiting is going to kill me! Ive already tried asking my advisor what my chances are and I get "as long as you score proficient or higher you are elligle to apply"... that doesn't help!! ugh!

    Any input will be greatly appreciated!!!
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  3. by   Medic/RN2B
    Thats how our college does points too except they take the subsection scores from your TEAS and x by .25. I think you have a pretty good chance. But like my RT program chair said it all.depends on who all is applying. ..if they get a bunch of straight A students it could be different. She said you cant ever tell year from year who is applying until everyone has applied. Good luck!
  4. by   anp_hls
    Yeah that's how mine does it also! They take Reading & English X 0.25, and Math X 0.20, and science X 0.30, so they weight the science subtest more heavily than the rest. I really hope your right!!! I have worked my butt off to get as far as I have! I'm a single mother of a two year old and I also work. It has not been easy getting those A's & B's! lol. I know nursing school is going to be a LOT more work, BUT I know it will be worth it! I work as a CNA now and absolutey LOVE my job & my residents. I feel like it's where I am "meant" to be - taking care of/helping people. I really can't imagine myself having a career that isn't health/care related.
  5. by   Medic/RN2B
    I wish you luck. Your TEAS scores are pretty high...I think you should be fine!!!
  6. by   HeatherMax
    Depending on where you are applying and how competitive the program is, there is just no telling. Looks good to me, but I am not the admissions person.
  7. by   anp_hls
    Well, I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed!!!! I will be anxiously waiting until that first week of June for sure!!! LOL. I am applying to ivytech valpo & Gary, and I'm debating on applying to Valporaiso University. I haven't completely decided due to financial reasons & not knowing how credits would be transferred or if I would need any additional prerequisite requirements. Ivytech is definately cheaper, but Valpo U would mean a better education and a bachelors degree which is tempting! But I am not sure how they go about admissions there; wether its GPA based or they base points off of prerequisite coursework like ivy. Lets just say my first year of college wasn't taken seriously - I'm close to a 3.0 right now, but I might need to wait an additional semester to raise it up just a little bit higher lol. Thank you all for your support! I really appreciate it =)! The whole process is so stressful. I HATE the waiting game!!! haha
  8. by   Medic/RN2B
    I am also an Ivy Tech student doesnt it suck we have to wait until June!!!! That is so long!!! I applied to several RT programs and the medic/RN program at the Indy campus. I am technically a Bloomington student!! Good luck!!
  9. by   libran1984
    2 medics at my hospital are applying in June to the Indy campus. Everyone wants that RN paycheck and the right to be viewed with respect. My hospital just calls us all "non-RNs". One day, young grass hopper, we shall be called what we actually are... "Non-BSN".... Hey wait a minute...