TEAS V ..My results for MDC

  1. just got back from my test ...got a 75.3% which is the 80th percentile
    National mean is 64% so i scored way above that

    reading=92.9% - 98th percentile
    Math 66.7% -45th percentile ( the questions were super hard and there wasnt enough time, i had to guess on the last page)
    Science 75% - 91st Percentile ( not as bad as everyone is making it out to be unless you have absolutely no science background)
    English language usage - 66.7 - 63rd percentile damn punctuations

    so what do you guys think my chances are the guy at the office said i have a "very good chance" because i have 3.75 pre-req gpa and a bachelors in biological sciences from FIU. im applying to generic and accelerated program at Miami dade college.

    any advice would be appreciated
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  3. by   yadi87
    Hey guys any advice at all would be greatly appreciated im going this week to submit my app . Should or should i not with this score???
  4. by   motivatedlilly
    Your scores aren't bad. If the school you are attending is very competitive, i would suggest taking it one more time. You have a feel for what the test is going to be like and maybe you can study more in those areas where you scored the lowest
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    hey accrn2012 - i emailed you
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    i just replied to your message.
  8. by   yadi87
    from what ive read on past threads for acceptance into these programs most people has a magic number in the 80's around 82 and up for the 1st string of acceptances. magic number meaning MDC rates your score (60% teas 40%gpa) therefore
    60% of 75.3 = 45.18 my
    GPA 3.7 = 37
    Total = 82.18
  9. by   emcadams
    Oh? I wonder if other colleges weight like that?
  10. by   sil2012
    Hello! I am planning to take the TEAS V at MDC in March...Please, can anyone tell me where do I sign up for the pencil/paper format?...thank you for your help!!!!!!!)
  11. by   emcadams
    It depends on your testing center. Some centers are completely computer based. You can try to look up on the ATI site the closest testing centers, and then call each one or look on the website to see if they offer pencil/paper.