TEAS V difficult?

  1. Hi all,

    Can anyone please give me an idea of how difficult the TEAS V test really is?

    I have never taken any TEAS test before. So, it will be my first time.
    I have tried the Quizlet.com questions from the website, and whenever I test myself from their material I score 80-100% every time. I also have bachelor's degree in another subject from a 4-year university, so I have taken upper division math and english. I also earned all A's in anatomy, physiology, and microbiology--all which I have completed within the past year. I am assuming I should be able to pass the TEAS V with reasonable ease, am I correct in thinking this?

    What is the best way to study? Should I order the study packet from the ATI website? I haven't scheduled a test date yet, so I have time.

    And I don't expect a perfect score, but I would really like to score 80%+ even though I'm only required to get at least a 68%.

    Your thoughts, advice, and comments are all appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   mrtravelRN
    Its hard to say what you would consider difficult...but all I used to study for it was the ATI book. I went through it cover to cover and made sure I practiced/knew how to answer every question. I felt like it gave me a really good idea of what the test would be like and I ended up scoring really well. Good luck on your studying!
  4. by   tgcid00
    Depends on what you consider difficult. The TEAS V is broken down into four sections reading comprehension, math, science, and grammar. The questions are in standardized question format. I would recommend studying the official TEAS V book. I studied for about a month and scored 85%. A lot of the material is high school level so I would recommend on brushing up on material that you may not have seen in years.
  5. by   alibear27
    I have a similar academic background to you and I thought the test was difficult. I used the ATI study guide, plus paid for the two online prep tests. I did the entire test prep book from cover to cover, and took the practice tests from the book. Then before the test I took the online practice tests. They provide all the rationales for each answer (why answers were right as well as why answers were wrong). This really helped me figure out where I needed to focus my energy. It was worth it and I felt very prepared going into the test. Some of the subjects seem deceptively simple, but are actually quite difficult. I was surprised at the level of difficulty in the reading and english sections, I thought they would be a cinch but they really created some challenging questions. If you do all the test prep materials then you will be well-prepared and won't have any big surprises on the actual test. I wasn't able to score higher than about 86% on the online practice tests, but they were much harder than the real test. In the end I scored 95% on the real test (I took the paper/pencil version).