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I read some posts about the Teas test and some people where saying that they were provided with a calculator. I took the teas 4 and there was no calculator and I'm actually taking the teas 5 this... Read More

  1. by   nursetobe013
    Quote from Rach1981
    I am going to take the TEAS V on March 3. I havent had much time to study the science section and I am freaking out. I wasnt planning on taking the test for another month (or so) but one of the schools I applied to needs it by the end of March. I am currently taking 6 classes and I dont really have anytime to study the study guide. I have tried to, but it is interfering with what I am learning. I can only learn so much before I start to mix things up. I need to continue with my good grades or I can forget about getting into any of the Nursing Programs. It has been 11 years since I graduated high school. One of the classes that I am currently taking is intro to chemistry (since I never took it in high school). I have taken the practice tests and my score has just barely raised. I got around a 56% on the practice test (which is horrible... I know). My plan (and its not a good one) was to just go wing the test and hope for the best. The school that I go to allows you to take it as many times as you want so I figured if I dont pass then atleast I will have some idea what is on the test then I can try to study that and take it soon after. How hard is the TEAS V? I need some insight if at all possible.
    Hi Rach1981

    Are u applying for ADN or BSN this semester. I am applying at SJ delta college. where r u applying????
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  2. by   PatMac10,RN
    I will put it like this, to me the test had some challenging aspects, but the test is passable. It is not impossible or out of this world difficult to do at least moderately OK on the exam. ANother thing, if your school is like all of the schools i'm applying to you have probably heard people telling you about how people who didn't make a fairly high score will never get in. Don't let these people get to you and psych you out because I almost let it get to me after taking my first nursing entrance exam. It was intimidating taking and exam with people twice my age who already have degrees and experience, but some will try to psych you out to kind of "knockout the competition" so to speak. If you can make at least the minimum that your program requires (of course the higher you make is better!), then you still have a chance at entry.

    I know I heard many people saying how most of the people taking the test were making high scores, scores higher than what I got, but I heard many were failing as well. The thing that told the truth was the statistical info on your score report. IT gives you the average of what you made on each section of the test and your total score. When I looked at my score comparison to the national average and the school program average, I quickly figured that not everyone had done as high as they claimed they had on the TEAS, in fact I did better that the national and program average on every section except math (of course, I am horrible at math and deplore it! ). So study hard and try your best to keep your grades and scores up, but don't stress about it to much. I hope you do well OP and everyone else competing to get into nursing school!
  3. by   Mariacookies
    I was going to take the test in April, but my husband is very ill,and I have to move the testing dates. I'm
    concerned because I had to move it before for this reason. I'm ready to take it, but if I take it now I can't enter the school "if accepted" in Sept this year. I don't think they will let me take it that far in advance. Has anyone had any experience with this. This all happened within the last 14 months.

    Has anyone had to put the test off, and what is your experience with it. Thank you very much. I appreciate
    respect any feedback.
  4. by   lorrainewhetham
    Hi there! Took the Teas V yesterday in Southern California and was not allowed a calculator. I would definitely purchase the ATI study book - the version IV is very different than V - much more chem, physics, etc., less geometry - do know the pythagorean theorem (a2+b2=c2) and kinetic/potential energy formulas...be very familiar with bond types and polarities, along with chemical reactions (oxidation/reduction and acid base), ionization energies relative to electronegativity and atomic radius... Also be familiar with details of Ph.

    I did very well studying and taking the practice exams from the ATI book...got an 88%...made a very stupid mistake though and dilly dallied on the math portion forgetting the test was timed and the timer ran out before I had answered 9 of the math questions...be familiar with equations of "jill can paint a house in 4 hours, john in 6 and sally in 8 1/2...how long does it take them to paint it together" and the good old "if a train leaves a station going 40 mph and another leaves 4 hours later going 60mph, when will they reach the same distance"...Otherwise, if you use the ATI book wisely, you should reach a very high score. You can pick up a copy used at Amazon for about $40...I believe new is about $65. ATI website also has two timed practice quizzes that I did not bother with but you get both for $39....atitesting.com

    Quote from oliveiral1
    I read some posts about the Teas test and some people
    where saying that they were provided with a calculator.
    I took the teas 4 and there was no calculator and I'm actually
    taking the teas 5 this january and I was wondering if anyone
    knew if a calculator was allowed on it. Does anyone know
    how the teas version 5 differs and do you think that I should
    buy a new review book for the teas 5 or just use my teas test
    version 4 study book (kaplan). What's the best study

    Help me out people
  5. by   payal0623
    @ venustar7 : hi Vinu could you please tell me which exact barron's book did you study coz i have taken TEAS V once and studied Kaplan, Mcgraw hill, TEAS V study guide and also one of the online practice test but still i couldn't get any higher scores i ended up getting 67 % and this time i want to get atleast 85%. .

    P.S - every ones suggestions are welcomed.