Taking the TEAS test in 7 days and i am nervous any tips please?

  1. So nervous any tips would be highly appreciated. I am taking the TEAS in 7 days and Math and Science are my weakness. What was your experience on taking the TEAS??I have no books to study from i am basically using youtube and onlince practice tests. Any help ???tips?
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  3. by   mimiabeca
    hi lovenurses2016, get teas pocket prep the questions and format are near identical. Also the math is not hard at all, I will send you a link of identical math problems,Free ATI TEAS 6 Practice Test - Best TEAS Test Prep!. trust me I suck at math and I got a 85 percent in math. mind you I only studied for math the day before using that practice test. also if you can get the ate practice tests! you can do this.
  4. by   hamolady
    @mimiabeca thank you very much hun
  5. by   highervibrations
    Not sure you if took it already.
    Some tips: ATI study manual 5 & 6 along with mometrix secrets book.
    Both practice tests and youtube videos to further explain things you do not fully comprehend (the manual can be broad, in my opinion. I am a visual learner)
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  6. by   lovenurses2016
    @highervibrations i actually post poned my test to the 11th to buy myself some more time. An extra week makes a difference(I hope) lol. Anyways, I am thinking of purchasing both pratice tests from ATI website but then again I am also debating wether I should just spend that money on buying myself the ATI study manual. Science and Math are my weaknesses ..but it seems like I have been studying more Math than Science because i get soooo lost in alot of the info from A&P ...but thank you very much I am also a visual learner.
  7. by   highervibrations
    I can relate. I was so worried about the Math part since i did horribly on both practice test. Surprisingly, i scored the highest in the section on the actual test. LOL Be calm and confident. You got this.

    A tip i can give is if you are not that great of a reader (like me) don't get too caught up in that section. Manage your time well. It goes by faster than you think.

    Best of luck to you! I'd love to hear how you did