Practice Test vs. Actual Test

  1. Hello,

    I'm just curious how your practice test scores compare to your actual test scores. How close were your practice scores compared to the actual score?

    I'm using the McGraw-Hill 5 Practice Tests and the 2 tests from the ATI Manual book (the paper-based ones).
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  3. by   goemom
    If you do well on those exams, you will do well on the actual exam. The science in the ATI book is much easier than the exam. The science in the McGraw-Hill book is more detailed and will better prepare you for the exam. However, I didn't have any earth science material on my exam. It was mostly chemistry, biology and anatomy. I did the ATI exams first then the McGraw-Hill. If you haven't taken any of the exams yet, I would start with the MH book. Take the first exam, review your weakness and keep going until you've completed all five exams. Don't take the ATI exams unless you really understand the material. If you take the ATI exams and do well, then you will be fine on the exam.
  4. by   RunnerRN2015
    I scored between 90-100% on the practice tests from the McGraw-Hill book and scored a 94% on the actual test.
  5. by   umbdude
    Thanks! I agree with you guys. I took 5 practice tests (3 ATI & 2 McGraw-Hill) and ended up taking the actual earlier this week. I got a score very close to my practice scores.
  6. by   MrNurseDavid
    I'm waiting for my McGraw-Hill book in the mail. I heard that book is very very helpful. The ATI paper tests were good. I practiced with both of them. I did better on the second practice test. I also did the online practice from the ATI website and I didn't do so hot in Reading and of course Science. I'm taking the TEAS for a 3rd time and I'm hopping I get the score I want. I want somewhere above 87%. As of now I'm reviewing the entire ATI book and doing further research on the sections where I feel totally lost in. I hope the McGraw-Hill assists me with my studying.