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Has anyone taken the latest version, the TEAS V? My test is coming up April 6. I have the ATI version V study guide, and the McGraw Hill book. What should I be sure to study when it comes to the... Read More

  1. by   donnaleerda12
    there is not a whole lot of chemistry. they give you the information. know the photosynthesis for sugar, the different bonds, a little periodic table.
  2. by   Mrs JC Sullivan
    Since you got an 88 were you accepted into the nursing program you had applied to? If so, which one was it?
  3. by   tina_grewal
    Hi, Can you suggest on what book to study for physical science and earth. Is the study guide enough or any other books will be helpful.
  4. by   itsmeehlizie
    I'm taking the Teas V June 16th...I am super nervous.
  5. by   ner214
    I can't exactly remember what was on the test. I do remember the reading and mathematics were super easy. There were some parts on the science that were difficult.

    All I can say is don't stress about it too much. I only had 1 1/2 weeks to study for it and I got a 88. Hope this helps and best of luck!!
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  6. by   jcandy
    Just took the exam yesterday. All subjects aside from science are just like a GED exam. Science was very much into dept of chemistry.. a class I have not taken. Passed all subjects with flying colors except science
  7. by   MedChica
    The science...*laugh* I was expecting it to be a piece of cake!
    There was a lot of A/P. I had some seriously in depth questions on DNA/RNA. I said, 'What the --"
    There is some chemistry. Nothing complex. There was talk of BONDS. I recall some question about a Gas law. Something about the periodic table/charges and I did have to balance chem equations. The 'product' is already there. Just subtract and find your answer.
    THe chem is basic. You're not doing any weird complicated crap with moles, and molars and such. Thank God.

    The reading? Two words; three syllables: MIND NUMBING. It was the first section, too. A blur of words. I couldn't focus. I was beyond relieved that I just had to read. If that test had required an essay...*laugh*
    There was a lot of 'what is the main point of the passage' type questions.
    ...but many of the questions ask about specific paragraphs. So, just read the question first if you're a slow reader. You can get through the test pretty quickly doing that. The end of the reading section is easier to get through.

    The math portion was REALLY tame. Mostly algebra, percent problems and some word problems. You had order of operations. Fractions (multiply, add, divide). Combining like Terms. LCD/LCM. I didn't have exponents on mine, though. But, there were no graphs. No points to plot. No weird binomial/trinomial mess.
    Basic. Just remember your rules: a negative + negative = positive...etc...

    English. I just remember short grammar/spelling questions. Pretty basic.

    I listed in order of difficulty. I didn't study (don't ask me why). Worked until 10pm. Got 5 hours of sleep that previous night. Took my test at 9am the next day. Suffered through that horrid reading section and got a 76% composite.
    So long as I have a 'seat' in class...I'm content.
  8. by   jcandy
    I wish my exam had alot of A/P questions, I know that VERY well! Chem.. I have never even been in a chem class, I'm registered to take it at my college for summerI. So for now, I'm waiting the 60 days and then going to retake.
  9. by   afterseason
    Remember that each test is a little different. I see a lot of people posting things like "this section had a lot of ____" and find myself thinking, "My test didn't really have that on it at all." I took the TEAS V today and scored an 88.

    The best thing I can say as far as the science section is concerned is this: DEFINITELY study more than just the ATI study book. I made the mistake of using the book as my primary study resource for the science, and when it came time to take the test, I ran into numerous questions that asked about things I never saw mentioned or covered in the book. I see some people saying there were a lot of questions about bonds or things of that nature. My test didn't really have a lot of questions on things like that (I recall maybe two), but it did have some seriously in-depth A&P questions that I wasn't prepared for. I had to really dig deep into my memory to recall the things I had learned in A&P I/II, which were some of the first pre-reqs I ever took, so it's been quite a few months since they were fresh in my mind.

    I know some people say the test had a lot of this or that, but the fact is there is no guarantee of what all exactly will be on your test. Cover all your bases just in case! Cheers, and good luck!
  10. by   jcandy
    That is so true.. I'm sure all the tests vary by location.. also whether your applying for associates or bachelors program...
  11. by   jpatel3006
    i agree it just hard trying to figure what to study and whats the best thing to use. Science is very broad so whats the best thing to study for something that may cover everything.You still made a 88 so do you think that everything else was similar to the book
  12. by   jpinks
    I gave test today and hence i m posting today so i can help everyone out there who is ready or even planning to give test. I just have to say that please please do more of science... because it is going to drill you. I am not trying to scare you all but just want you all to prepare harder. I studied the science from Ati study guide but take my words it is definitely not even close to enough. Once can definitely score good in math, thoroughly go over reading and english. Over all Teas v is way to harder than Teas iv .... Goodluck to all
  13. by   calbee

    I am taking the TEAS exam June 16th too! I am really freaking out!!!