Mometrix book vs Real TEAS?

  1. Hi guys!

    I was just wondering for those who have taken the TEAS before and used the Mometrix TEAS Study Guide, did you find the practice exams in that book easier or harder than the actual TEAS? If you found them to be about the same difficulty, what other tools did you use to study along with it?
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  3. by   prenursingtheophilus
    I've been using two different mometrix books to study, I read the reviews on amazon and a lot of people were saying that they did well with these books and their practice exam. I am taking my exam on November 16th, if its not too late for you, I will let you know then how well these books worked. Also, I've taken all my science pre-reqs so I took a practice exam in the science and breezed right through it. It seems that science is everybody's hardest task, but for me I think reading and english will be a struggle lol.
  4. by   madisonlong17
    Hello! I am taking the TEAS on the fourth of November so I am studying my ass off lol. I have read that the TEAS is easier than the practice tests you can buy on the websites. However, I also say that the mometrix book prepares you very well with all the questions. My best advice would be to take practice tests, time yourself taking the practice tests, and brush up on all the anatomy and physiology!

    Good luck to us all!
  5. by   verbalsjint
    I'm taking my exam one day after you But that's so awesome that science is a breeze for you!! I'm most definitely am struggling with science seeing it's mostly AP2 and I'm still in AP1 :/ I'm currently going through the systems that would be taught in AP2 and self teaching myself so Idk how I will do on that especially since the questions are kind of specific. For now I'm hoping my reading, english, and math scores will be high enough to drown out my science lol
  6. by   verbalsjint
    @madisonlong17 I've taken Practice Test A and used that to sort out my weaknesses and strengths. I'll continue on the mometrix book for now. thank you!! Good luck to you too!!
  7. by   krisgres
    Not sure if you've gaken it yet but I ordered both. However, I found mometrix to be much more informative and helpful.
  8. by   Keh4822
    I used Mometrix videos on YouTube to help review the material and then used the ATI TEAS 6 book for the tests. Got an 86.7 on the first shot. Didn't study full-time since I am working full-time and in school part-time with pre-reqs. I would say that I studied off and on for about 3 months. Good Luck everyone!
  9. by   speckels88
    The mometrix book is more detailed but the teas book is EXACTLY what is on the test. I used the teas for an outline then got information on what material was in that book from online videos, textbooks etc. I took practice test A, studied my weaknesses and got a 95.6 on my first try.