Just Took TEAs (Adjusted Individual Score: 85.3%) Mortified

  1. I just took the TEAs and I'm a bit disappointed at my performance... I studied all summer (on and off, though granted it was all summer up till now), and I still achieved a low score for my program.

    Normally I'd be fine with this type of score, but I'm trying to get into San Diego State University and they're extremely competitive... 90.5% on Reading, 90.0% on Mathematics, 81.3% on Science, and 80.0% on English.

    My national percentile rank is 95 but my program percentile rank is a meager 90. My cumulative GPA is 3.432 with an impacted GPA of 3.36 for my prerequisite classes. I feel that there's not much I can do aside from retaking the TEAs but... with 1-2 days before the deadline to study, I don't know if I can do much better. Even if I forked up the $60 to retake it and by some miraculous miracle, manage to COMPLETELY ace it, I'd only have 3 more points than previously.

    I've heard some rumors about SDSU's program having a point cutoff average of around 60+... My total points with everything included is a mortifying 55 (Though I'm not sure I did it right...). I don't know what to do :[. I went in the TEAs with a positive attitude, but some of the science and language problems really caught me off guard. I've never seen some of the problems before....

    I managed to score a 92% on both practice tests, but... alas, still did poorly when it came to the actual exam. I've always been a horrible test taker and I guess anxiety just got to me :/.

    I'm a junior at San Diego State and I've taken all the prerequisites INCLUDING all my upper division classes. I really don't know what I can do if I don't get accepted? Just wait and ponder for a year and reapply again?
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  3. by   kandamom
    I would say take it again!
    I scored higher on my actual test than both my practice tests....so now that you have already gotten a feel for the real deal, maybe your nerves wont get the best of you the 2nd time around!
    Focus your study in the next few days only on the areas you missed on the test, and the types of questions you feel stumped you.
    Do it again, Its worth a shot!
  4. by   xzalense
    Just relax. The beauty of these tests are that you can retake them. Remember, half the battle is knowing how to take these tests. The other half is knowing actual stuff.
  5. by   Stuck_student

    I'm currently exactly where you were when u got rejected April 2012 when you posted this. I really need some info on what you did. I applied to the SDSU SON (and ONLY to SDSU as well) and got rejected. I have no clue what to do next. I'm debating whether or not just to change majors but I really want to do nursing. When u got rejected did you end up leaving SDSU? What did you do next? I'm desperate for some answers right now.

    Hope to hear from you soon