how long does it take to get TEAS test result?

  1. HI everyone, this is my first time to visit, I'm so happy to know this website
    anywayz, I have to take the TEAS test tomorrow 8am on rio hondo college,
    but I need my result right away,,,,and send it to my college by January 11.....
    is it possible to send my result by Jan.11???
    If I won't, I can't go in to the spring 2010 nursing program.....
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  3. by   Taffey
    When I took the test the results were ready after I was done. It was all done on the computer. I was able to print my results and see my score.
  4. by   StudentGrace
    Same with me. All questions were on the computer and at the end of the test the results were given and you can print the results.
  5. by   Jasmine kim
    really? Thanks
    and do I have to send my result to my school by officially?
    or unofficial result paper will ok?
  6. by   VICEDRN
    My results were available within 48 hours online. I last took it in Spring 2008.

    Good luck!
  7. by   Taffey
    I took the test at the school I go to, so I do not know. You should call the nursing dept at the school you are applying to and they will let you know. Good luck!
  8. by   avidhunter3
    it should be available on the teas website within a couple of days, and I think you can have them send it to the school electronically. good luck to you!
  9. by   Jasmine kim
    thanks guys
  10. by   StudentGrace
    I took my test at the school and rec the results right away. When you register to take the test, they also ask for your home email address so you can access your results from home if needed. My school requested an actual copy with the application when I turned it in. I'm sure they get it electronically, but they requested a printed copy as well. Check with your school. Good luck on your test!
  11. by   natatat
    I didn't take my test at the school I applied to, but when I registered for the test I was asked what school it was for and when I got to the testing center the proctor even made sure, "For UTMB right?"
    I had previously emailed a counselor at the school and she said that the results are immediately sent to them, you don't have to worry about sending them yourself - it's set up when you register for it that the results will be sent to them.

    However, if when you registered for the test there was nothing asking you where to send them or you're unsure just call the school you're applying to and ask. Most of those admissions tests are set up to send your score to a certain school but just to make sure you should call. Don't be afraid, you'd be surprised how many people call and ask the same questions you have.

    Also, like the others, I was able to view my score just after finishing the test and the proctor printed me out my "Performance Profile".
  12. by   Nanann220
    Hi Jasmine kim,

    So how was the TEAS? I have to take it on Jan 14th and I am sooo nervous, Do you have any pointers for me, maybe you can send me a pm or email me. Do you remember any of the questions? Any help you can provide would be great. Thanks.
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  13. by   StudentGrace
    My school told me to check out or This was very scary and intimidating to me, but I score an 80 after being out of school for 20 years. The break down is Reading 40Qs @ 50mins, Mathematics 45Qs @ 56mins, Science 30Qs @ 38mins and English 55Qs @ 65mins. If I remember correctly, the questions were multiple choice and you could move on to the next section when you were finished with one section - it's time on the computer so you can start the next section if you like. This was my experience anyway. Good luck to you!
  14. by   caffeineaddict
    I took it on the 6th. It wasn't that bad. English is my fav so I didn't have any issues. The science was gross! The math was ok. Got the results instantly once you complete your test. The key is to brush up on your weaknesses. Good luck