Help with the Teas science section

  1. Do we really need to know everything in the section of the study guide? I have never heard of gene sequence and acid/base reaction equations? I would appreciate any help or advice. I am going to take the teas in Jan 2013. ThanksKelly
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  3. by   going4theko
    Hi Cnama72!

    I took the TEAS test this past March and I would strongly advise you to review everything. I had some questions about igneous rocks and I took earth science back in the 8th grade! LOL! They usually only have one of two questions on any given science topics so don't worry about it too much. Focus more on the anatomy and physiology section but it doesn't hurt to review the other topics as well. Good luck!
  4. by   Jamiek33
    Hi! I took the TEAS 2 weeks ago and did well on the science, know DNA/RNA, functions of each system ( like circulatory and digestive) I remember some photosynthesis questions. I have the TEAS study book and that was a huge help. It asked about lysosomes as well. STUDY your butt off! Punnet square was on there, the cell and its functions. I feel like if you have the TEAS book everything is in there that is on the test. GOOD LUCK!
  5. by   MTmomofsix
    I just took (and passed) the test today. I did the worst in science. There was a LOT of microbiology and chemistry (I haven't had chemistry since 1985!!!) but my reading and English carried me - math a little, but not as much as the English/Reading which I found really easy! Good luck
  6. by   2mint
    Math section was surprisingly easy--the TEAS manual covers all the math you'll ever need for the exam. *3 ques. left--ran out of time.
    Reading section--should've reviewed more on the difference betwn Expository and Narration. *finished 7min early
    Language section--only problem was that TEAS manual did not cover 'misplaced phrase'--had two on my exam. *finished 15min early
    Science section--scientific method, chemistry, DNA stuffs including codons, 2 or 3 on physiology, no anatomy *finished 33min early

    *sci method: the process and relevant hypothesis questionings i.e. given this and this, your hypothesis is?
    *chemistry: determine number of double bonds for such and such; Boyle's law; evaporation/condensation; one question on isotope; photosynthesis equation
    *DNA: location of transcription and translation, codon sequence (likely an experimental question), what actually produces protein; pro-& eukaryotes differences
    *physiology: purpose of valves in veins; purpose of alveoli (sp?); nutrient absorption in sm intestine.
    *no anatomy, no geologic/earth science (rock/cloud/atmosphere types) questions

    Stats: finished pre-reqs a year ago, read through TEAS V manual while having mild flu, did 1 practice test with answers in front of me--I'm nosy that way
    and with way above 2.0 GPA; result: 91% good for 98th percentile nationally.
  7. by   Mellapla
    Awesome Job! Thanks for sharing this info.
  8. by   Brittnicole2011
    Great job! I test January 11th thanks for your tips!!
  9. by   italiagirl805
    were there many stats questions on your test? and were they pretty general? i'm taking the test on friday. thanks