Help with teas exam

  1. Hi, guys, this is my first time here, i am planning to sit for the teas exams in November at assabat valley and also apply for the LPN programm at the same place, I just want to find out from any of you who got in the program at assabat how the process is and if I have a chance, I don't want to be on the waiting list.
    And also help on how to pass the teas tests, thanks guys.
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  3. by   paisling
    Re: TEAS, have you read any of the other threads about TEAS? I think you will find helpful general info in the other threads. Then, if you have specific questions, people can answer those
  4. by   Vicki17
    As far as the TEAS I will add (because so far I haven't seen anyone else mention it) to use YouTube. Specifically khan academy and I liked one called biomed sessions. Personally none of the books delve into A&P as far as you need. I also took a lot of practice tests and focused on understanding what I got wrong. I had about a month to study (but only weekends when I could get babysitting). I still got a 98.7 overall, 100% on all but science where I got a 97.9. I was surprised because on my practice tests I was only getting between an 80-85%. They don't count every question, so if on practice tests you are getting in the high 70's or 80's, you are likely to do very well on the real test. Good luck!