Free (or less expensive) Practice Exams?

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    I'm gearing up to take the TEAS 6 in two days, and the anxiety is really starting to set in (although I know that worrying won't do me much good). This will be my first time taking the exam. To prepare, I've purchased study guides from Mometrix (ATI TEAS Secrets) and Amazon (ATI TEAS Study Manual, claims to be published by ATI), both of which include practice tests. At this point I've gone through each practice test multiple times and am feeling pretty comfortable with those questions, but would like to try a few other practice tests to make sure that I actually know the content and have no just memorized the questions. The only problem is that most of the practice exams are pretty pricey; the lowest price I can find for a trustworthy/credible practice test is from the ATI website, which lists the tests at $46 each. Because I've already spent so much money on the two study guides, I'm not quite willing to drop another $100+ (if I pass the exam, I'll need to have money to pay for nursing school itself! lol). Does anyone know of any free or reasonably priced (but credible) practice tests?

    TL;DR: looking for practice tests that won't break the bank
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  3. by   thewhitechickoj
    The TEAS Mastery app is free and was very helpful. I would also google "free teas practice tests" and start going through the links. The only downside to this is that the materials are nearly identical from site to site.
  4. by   FawnaH
    Practice tests written by the SAME company that will be writing the actual test are the best source of practice material. Find a way to buy at least one, if not both.
  5. by   paisling
    I just used the ones that come with the ATI TEAS Secrets book. I believe they have an extra one in their online materials. I also used an app but didn't find it as helpful.
  6. by   Johnonymous
    I used the on-line practice exams at Hundreds of questions for $19.95. They were a reasonably good facsimile of those I saw on the exam. Definitely boosted my confidence. Complete Practice Test for the TEAS V, Nursing School Preparation