failed teas V

  1. i took the teas yesterday and failed it with 51% i was honesty really disapointed when i saw my results i know i studied hard for that test for 3 months! while talking 24 units!! I studied from the ATI book & MCgraw hill's 5 test samples. I am really scared and have to take my test in a month. and i don't know how i can study for it any more. Any Advise would be highly appreciated or email me please:
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  3. by   kandamom
    I would pay to take the practice tests on the ATI site!
    Study the areas you did weakly on for the test you already took, and then take a practice test. Then again study the areas that were weaker on that practice test. STUDY STUDY! Then the week before you take the test take the 2nd practice test. Study the weak areas from that practice very focused and take the official test again.
    This is what I did and I consistently scored 10 points higher on every practice test, then I scored another 10 points higher on the actual test...
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  4. by   kelsey12
    thank you!! i just got the sample from atI website. Hopefully it will make some better sense.
  5. by   kandamom
    Here were my results. I took the first practice test with absolutely no studying, or prior TEAS test.
    Individual Total Score: 66.7%

    I then studied my weak areas and took this practice test the week before my test
    Individual Total Score: 76.0%

    I studied my weaker areas and took the official test
    Adjusted Individual Total Score: 80.7%
    ATI Academic
    Preparedness Level:
    Mean - National: 64.3%
    Mean - Program: 64.9%
    Percentile Rank - National: 89
    Percentile Rank - Program: 91

    So it is so doable! I even tanked on the language arts section for the official test, when on the practice tests I breezed through...and I still managed to get a better score!
    The online practice tests are a little pricey but so worth it, because I feel they were the closest thing to the actual test!
    So not quite 10 points on the final, but I bumped up my averages in all areas but language very significantly!
  6. by   kelsey12
    wow you did pretty good in your first test . I would be happy to get just that much ..
    But okay that's nice to hear. they are expensive tho. i just brought the Test form A for almost 40$ its crazy
    but thank you again
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  7. by   kandamom
    I would study for a week or two before you take form A...Study the areas that were weak on yesterday's test! Good luck
  8. by   willowita
    Your results should have identified the areas you are weak in. So you should focus on learning that material like the back of your hand. I thought the ATI book did a good job at summarizing all the concepts. But let's say you never took chem, then the ATI book may not have enough info for you to understand the material. So you may have to go a step further in learning the basics.

    Test taking is different from just knowing things so even if you know the material, it's the structure of the test you need to become comfortable with. Became familiar with the way questions are worded and the format of the test. And keep an eye on the clock!
  9. by   sammiechan5
    I recently failed my TEAS V scored a 51.9 and I'm torn. I want to be a nurse so bad I can taste it.
  10. by   yanique love
    Same here ..... its so stressful. I got a few study guide to help me on my next try