Cant pass the Teas!!!!

  1. I've tried twice to pass the reading and math and I'm in total shock that I can't seem to get a passing score!! It's extremely depressing and I really don't know what else to do. I study all the time and go in confident. Anyone else going through this? So depressing!!!
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  3. by   i♥words
    What is a passing score? I ask this because many nursing programs have varying requirements for TEAS scores. Some don't even look at the overall grade, but only one or two sections. I took the TEAS once and passed the requirements for the nursing school I applied to, but I know I could have done better. (I skimmed the ATI book and took the practice tests a month in advance.) Maybe you should evaluate your studying. What is it you aren't getting? Honestly, some people (me included) are just not good at these kinds of tests. I get really nervous and I have a hard time keeping myself from rushing through the questions. Maybe you just need more "real" practice, where you sit down with a practice test and do the exact same time limits as the real thing. Practice in test-taking actually helps; I've taken enough tests now between the PSAT, SAT, and CLEP that I was more prepared for the TEAS. If you think you really know the math and reading information, then practicing over and over should help you understand the question style. Otherwise, you need to focus on learning the material, and I found the ATI book pretty accurate. Good luck!
  4. by   Medic/RN2B
    Are you studying out of the ATI book...I also bought the McGraw Hill 5 tests book...
  5. by   MamaAguas
    Yea the ati book. I do great on all practice tests and opposite when I get there and test. It's very frustrating.
  6. by   Khiebert
    I've taken it twice as well. I passed the math the second time but my reading went down . I know how you feel . I'm going to keep trying . I think you should too.
  7. by   sandyroberts1982
    I failed my first test as well. I refuse to fail the second time. So here is what I have used to study so far.

    1. ATI practice tests (I have heard they are easier than the real exam)
    2. A3 TEAS practice questions. 450 questions for $24.99 Great deal for price and the answer explanations are the best I've seen.
    3. ATI Review Manual. Good overview of the test from ATI. It's $31.99 on amazon.

    I feel much more prepared to take the test after using the stuff above. I'm going to take the test again in about a month so wish me luck.

    Hope this helps.
  8. by   Medic/RN2B
    Buy the McGraw Hill 5 teas test in one book. U can order it through Amazon for like $14 bucks. I find it helpful too. But study study study that ATI book
  9. by   sandyroberts1982
    Thanks Medic/RN2B I will check out the McGraw Hill book also.
  10. by   Medic/RN2B
    No problem! Good luck
  11. by   NorCalKid
    How much are you studying and have you finished all your prereqs? Not sure I could have passed it had I not finished all prereqs first. I studied for an hour or 2 a day for about a month before the test using the ATI prep stuff. Did the pretests and focused on the areas that I was weak. If your only studying for a few days I would say thats not enough. If a lot maybe you need a change of strategy. My scores on the online ATI timed practice tests were very close to the real thing. I would use those to see where your at. Not the paper tests in the back of the book(well use those too but the online ones are very similar to the real deal). If your doing well on those maybe you need to work on relaxation and not psyching your self out when doing the real thing.