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Hey everyone, As we all know and fear.. the new ATI TEAS 6 came out yesterday (AUGUST 31st 2016). If you have taken the ATI TEAS 6, please feel free to update the rest of us on how it was for you.... Read More

  1. by   Gruntlife
    Dang gal that's awesome. Good for you ! ( also how do you edit your profile on this site) ? Anyways I took test A today and made a 77. Mainly cause of English and science and I have been studying bio like crazy. ( 67 eng & 77 bio ). The other two I did surprisingly well on considering I used the calculator once and mad an 81 on it ( not cause of not using a calculator though lol ) and 86 on reading. I'm hoping the math is comparable to what I took today. I take the test jan 11 in Athens so here's to making something kinda close to you!
  2. by   sgranados89
    if you don't mind me asking what did you get on the ati teas 6 test after all?
  3. by   steph17
    hi, for the math section were there a lot of word problems?
  4. by   TrunIzzy18
    OMG girl I'm so nervous. I take the test Monday in Augusta. I live in Atlanta. I'm hoping to get in to GSU or Emory. Good luck to you!
  5. by   gabrielneto18
    Is the study guide comes with the online tests or I need to buy it separeted?
  6. by   Danielapac12
    Hello Everyone!
    I made an account just to comment on this thread to give a little advice about the ATI TEAS 6. I took my test today and got an overall score of 82.7% which I am really happy with. The majority of my studying was done by taking practice tests and reviewing the questions that I got wrong. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing practice tests A and B from the website as they are extremely similar to the test. If you understand the questions from the reading and English section on the practice exam then you will be fine for the actual test. Its important to know how to determine what a topic of a passage is and making logical conclusions from the passage. plenty of examples are in the practice tests. The same goes for math, so if you are okay with adding and subtracting fractions and answering questions having to do with real life situations and percent's you will be fine too. Personally, I had to brush up on that material but ended up getting a 96% on the math section. I used the miometrix teas secrets book to help me out with the material that i wasn't sure on. To compare the practice tests in the miometrix book to the real test I would say that the miometrix questions are more difficult (but around the same in the science section). I scored a 77% and a 78% on the first two practice exams in the book. The science section was the most difficult for me, I had taken all of my prerequisites but the questions just asked so many specifics that I had to make educated guesses on. I recommend buying the book made by the company that makes the test to study the science since you don't want to over study or study the wrong material. Overall I would rate the exam as moderately difficult, take your time reading the questions carefully and if you don't know the answer try ruling out some of the options to have a better chance of getting it right. Good luck to everyone!
  7. by   Danielapac12
    You can buy them together on the website. I believe the prices for all the material together is around 200$
  8. by   Danielapac12
    Yes! I would say more than half were word problems. Mostly having to do with decimals,percent's and proportions.
  9. by   erburkhart
    I have purchased the ATI 6th Edition Study Guide, the practice test A and B, and TEAS VI Practice Test Kit. I am wondering if I study just off of this if I will be ok. I haven't taken A&P in over 10 years and math has been awhile as well. Those are the main sections that I am worried about. I am wondering how close the questions in the practice test A and B and TEAS VI Practice test are to the actual TEAS test? Any advise is greatly appreciated.
  10. by   Beb711
    What ati study manual did you use? Is it the one that you have to pay $50 for? Can you send me the link for it please?
  11. by   Beb711
    What ati study manual did you use? Is it the one that is $50? Can you send me a link please to it?
  12. by   Student_RNBSN
    I purchased the ATI 6th edition and both practice test A and B as well. I take the teas exam on Feb. 24th. I am so nervous. Math is my weakest subject and I just finished my A&P I and II so that information is still fresh on my mind. Everyone keeps saying that the online study guide and practice tests are you need. So we will see. Good Luck and keep me posted!
  13. by   Anoriega2
    I wish I had found this before taking my test. I took the TEAS V in August 2016 and I was very pleased with my score but I wanted to do better in the science portion. I was told it was mainly a&p and so I was not too worried about it. I got the study manual from amazon because it was less and used that to study and only did the practice test on the back of the study manual. I scored a 98% on reading, 100% on math, 61.7% on science and 67% on reading. I was not upset about reading because it is passing for the program I want to apply for but the science portion I dropped in drastically.
    The reading is similar to the study guide.
    The math, (I just love it so I am a little biased) but know how to compare fractions and how to obtain percentages of numbers. & RE READ THE QUESTION, know what exactly the question is asking. Know how to use PEMDAS and how to convert from fraction to decimal to percent and vise versa. I saw more questions with decimals and fractions.
    Also, if you havent taken math in a while just refresh and know the formulas for area of a circle and square. Know circumference, radius, pie, etc. I recommend to get scratch paper and set up the word problem so you do not confuse yourself.

    Science, I will be retaking the test on the 30th since my application is due on the 1st, so my plan is to only focus on the a&p. Do not be scared and if you read the first couple of questions and you do not know them, just put an answer which you think is right and come back to it after. (I wrote what questions I needed to go back to on the scratch paper that was given to me. For me, it shocked me. It was stuff that I knew but the answers were either similar, I didn't fully understand which answer it wanted, or it was something I had not looked over enough.

    Reading, I kind of just gave up on it after the science portion but for me, it was mainly about the type of sentences.

    Good luck to everyone!!