Teamwork: A Recipe for Positive Patient Outcome and Self Satisfaction

This Article brings a perspective to teamwork. Teamwork is part of all organizations. As a good food recipe makes a tasty dish so can outstanding teamwork yield excellent outcomes. Included are the ingredients needed to produce good teamwork. Teams with excellent teamwork produce excellent outcomes. Specialties Emergency Article

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Teamwork: A Recipe for Positive Patient Outcome and Self Satisfaction

Like Phil Jackson once quoted, "The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team" (Jackson, 2014). How true is this quote, we all have our strengths and weaknesses that blended together with other members of the team can only culminate a synergy. The recipe can only be blended when members of the team are aware of each other's strengths and weaknesses, have high respect for each other, and have trust and open communication to assist one another in building those weaknesses to accomplish the unit goal.

We all know that in order to have a successful patient outcome everyone caring for that patient must work together and have excellent communication skills. Although, many times communication breaks down somewhere along the line and things get missed. As we have all experienced sometime in our career working with different personalities, and work ethics, not everyone communicates the same or has the same work ethic. Some feel that the minimum is sufficient where others will go beyond what is expected of them knowing that the outcome of a patient is primary.

Another team ingredient for a successful result that increases a positive patient outcome is the patient and their family. How many times have we had a patient who has been noncompliant with the care of their disease? Yet, their expectations are demanding and unrealistic.

Once upon a story, there was a patient with diabetes mellitus insulin dependent, who was noncompliant with insulin or diet, came into the emergency department with complaints of vomiting and weakness. We had a difficult time starting an IV; the adult patient was moving, kicking and yelling "I don't want an IV". In the process of explaining the importance of the IV in order to improve this patient's outcome, the family started also yelling at us. This brings me to the importance of having the patient and family on board in order to have a good team and a better outcome. After the team (doctor, nurses, and specialist) spoke to the family and explained the process, and how our primary goal was to save a life and improve an outcome, the family then spoke to the patient and calmed the patient down explaining what needed to be done.

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success", Henry Ford (Ford, 2014). Building and maintaining a good team is work and will need each member's patience, respect, and excellent communication skills. Teams bring successful outcomes and are being used in all organizations throughout different disciplines. So when any one person thinks that being part of a team is not necessary think again.

We have all experienced being part of a team sometime in our professional life or even our personal life. How many of us have experienced satisfaction with a positive outcome. I know I have, making me proud to have been part of that team, and when the outcome could have been better, knowing I could talk to the team to improve things.

Teamwork is crucial in building teams. Teams will always be needed to yield excellent outcomes. Excellent outcome is the team's goal as a unit and organization. Organizations will always need team players. Be or become an excellent team player by having an open mind and building excellent communication skills.


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i love this article, teamwork AND a good work ethic go hand in hand. I do however believe in the fine balance of work and family life, however I have no problem helping out my co-workers if my assignment has been lightened due to discharges or etc (dont laugh due to lighten assignment lol). I just dont mind helping out if time prevails, I dont like to see others struggle, especially if they are pulling more than their own weight. Just my nature.


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I agree with this article. Open mindedness + excellent communications skills = healthcare team. Everyone has its weakness which can be supported by your team members.

Lourdes FMcD, RN

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I do agree that sometimes we are task more then we are able to handle with all the medical insurance changes and lower profit margins. At least I have seen an increase in patient load at the ED I work in. This is also with an understanding that everyone pull their weight as we all hope.


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Great article and I total agree 100%!! Everyone has to be on the same page to get the best outcome!!! Being a negative, non team member only makes thins hard and more complicated.


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Teamwork is always a strenght of every organization. I do appreciate your post.

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