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Teaching patients and/or family

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by pickledpepperRN pickledpepperRN (Member)

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I was fortunate to care for my Dad at home with the fine teaching of the Hospice team.

My intellegent stepmother and sister were not able to handle it.

Question: What happens when the Home Health Nurse is assigned to teach people whose scientific background is insufficient or they are emotionally unable to learn?

Does the plan of care give extra nursing time for this?

Thank you in advance

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We use teaching sheets. One copy for our chart and one copy for the patient/family. Each visit we go over x amt of pages. Some agencies call them pathways. Each following visit, we go over what was taught on the previous visit to see if they understood it or if they have any questions. I always encourage the family or patient to read through it prior to the nurse visit and write down any questions they have. That way the nurse can answer those on the next visit. To be a good teacher you have to be able to talk to the patient and family on their educational level, you cant always use the scientific terms that we use on a daily basis........

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