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Teaching Model


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What is a teaching model? Our class is to do a research project on a diagnosis that our patient has and one part of the report is suppose to be a teaching model.

Can anyone tell me what that is?:banghead:

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nursin4ever. . .fellow ohioan. . .do not misunderstand my intention here as i am trying to help you learn something. it just didn't occur to you to do what i'm about to show you in trying to reason this out:

from the new american roget's college thesaurus

synonyms (a word having the same or nearly the same meaning) for the word "model": prototype, pattern, mockup, exemplar

webster's new world dictionary of the american language, college edition

(syn. stands for synonym)
suggests that which is presented as a sample, or that which sets a precedent for imitation, whether good or bad;
is a model guide, plan, etc. to be strictly followed;
applies to the original pattern serving as the model for all later things of the same kind;
refers to something established for use as a rule or a basis of comparison in judging quality, etc.

you are simply being asked to create a teaching plan as part of your nursing interventions for one of the nursing diagnoses that your patient has. probably the best way to approach this is to include the patient teaching plan under a nursing diagnosis of deficient knowledge (specify). the (specify) part of the diagnostic label allows you to name your teaching subject. your "related to", or etiology, is that the patient lacks knowledge and the "as evidenced by" will be statements or evidence that you have that the patient doesn't know stuff about the specific subject and needs or wants to know it or learn more about it.

just let me quickly tell you that nursing interventions that are part of the care planning of every nursing problem (identified by a nursing diagnosis) come in 4 categories:

  • assess/monitor/evaluate/observe (to evaluate the patient's condition)
  • care/perform/provide/assist (performing actual patient care)
  • teach/educate/instruct/supervise (educating patient or caregiver)
  • manage/refer/contact/notify (managing the care on behalf of the patient or caregiver)

a teaching model, or teaching plan, would be a more formal way of presenting teaching interventions.

a written teaching plan is organized something like this:

  1. overview: a synopsis about what is going to be taught in the course
  2. goal(s): the aim(s) or outcome(s) that you want your learner to achieve as a result of the lesson you plan
  3. objectives: the more specific information that the learner will come away from the course knowing that will achieve the goal(s) you have determined.
  4. content: a play-by-play of the specific content that is going to be taught and in the sequence it will happen. your content should address and cover all the objectives. this part of the written lesson plan is presented in an outline format.
  5. procedures and materials: how all the above will be achieved, i.e. lecture, demonstration, discussion, etc. materials that can be used and resources that can be needed for the lesson to be successful and essential to teaching your lesson plan are listed and may include demonstrations, audio-visuals, handouts, experiments, stories, game playing and any number of other creative items.
  6. evaluation: determining if you met the goals of the teaching plan. this can be done through a return demonstration, short post test, short question and return answer session with the client to verify they understand the information correctly or a task the participant needs to perform.

if you look at it, it has some of the elements of a care plan (goals, interventions, execution and evaluation). what is different is that you actually lay out how a list of how you are going to do the teaching, kind of like a nursing procedure is laid out step-by-step for you. sometimes your own instructors have given you a copy of their teaching plan for your course back on the first day of class along with the syllabus which you can use as a guide in how to structure this teaching model.

what is great today about patient teaching is that there is so much consumer teaching on the internet. you should be able to find just about anything you want to teach to a patient on the internet that you can download and add as a handout to go along with your teaching model. most large hospitals and insurance companies have these consumer teaching webpages. look at a few to get some ideas on what subject(s) you can teach.

hope that helped explain this for you. now, give a great presentation!

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