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I have been looking around for help with teaching care plans for school, and so far have not been able to find any care plans books r/t solely teaching to patients. I know all books have some sort of knowledge deficit section, but I was looking for a little bit more info than the 3 interventions per dx that my book includes.

Anyone know of a helpful (free) website or book that I could get that would help me out even more? Am I just beating into the bush on this one?

Thanks for any help!



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hi mcknis and welcome to allnurses! :balloons:

i echo daytonite’s advice. in addition to consulting your textbook, another great strategy is to find a reputable patient teaching site concerning the topic at hand.

for instance, you are assigned a 12-year-old patient in a pediatric outpatient clinic who is newly diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all) and starting chemotherapy. you formulate the high-priority nursing diagnosis of "deficient knowledge (client/ parent): ways to prevent infection while on chemotherapy r/t unfamiliarity and lack of exposure aeb parent states, 'what can we do to reduce the chances of my son getting an infection while he is receiving chemotherapy?'"

a suitable goal would be: “parent/ client will verbalize three ways to prevent infection and four signs/ symptoms of infection to report to healthcare provider before end of clinic visit on ______”

for interventions, you could use this link. it provides excellent patient-teaching information on s/s infection to report to healthcare provider while on chemotherapy and neutropenia:


interventions might include:

student nurse/ nurse will assess client/ parent education level, reading level, developmental level, and preferred learning style.

student nurse/ nurse will teach correct handwashing technique to client/ parent and have them return demonstrate. see this link on patient teaching for handwashing: http://nursing.about.com/od/patienteducation/a/handwashing.htm

student nurse/nurse teach client/ parent the s/s of infection (such as redness, warmth or fever) and instruct them to promptly report these to the healthcare provider.

student nurse/nurse will teach client/ parent the correct method of taking an oral temperature and to promptly report temp greater than 100.5.

student nurse/nurse will teach client/ parent to have client follow a balanced diet, get adequate rest, and avoid unnecessary stress.

student nurse/ nurse will teach client/ parent that client should stay away from crowds, people with infections, people recently vaccinated, and don’t use public transportation.

student nurse/ nurse will teach client/ parent the importance of client being up-to-date on immunizations, including influenza and pneumonia; no live vaccines

student nurse/ nurse will teach client/ parent to monitor absolute neutrophil count (anc) and to avoid fresh fruits, vegetables, condiments, fresh flowers or plants, enemas/ rectal temps, when anc drops to 1000 or below.

this is just an example. hope this helps :)

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