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Teaching Aid Ideas

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I have a teaching project for clinical and I need to have a teaching aid. Everyone does a pamphlet type thing as their teaching aid, but I want to do something different so that the information stands out. The topic that I am presenting is a big part of our next test, so I really want my classmates to remember the information I present to make it easier for them when they get to studying. Also, I present during post conference when everyone is exhausted and just wants to get home, so once it's my turn to present, something other than a pamphlet might help them remember better.

Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks :)

I had a classmate make a video and it certainly stood out and was more entertaining than a pamphlet or flyer. She shot a few basic scenes with her phone (they didn't even have dialogue, just her and some friends acting out different scenes), used some basic editing software, added in some graphics with facts and stats, and used a song as the audio element - it came out very much like a PSA you'd see on TV and was more impactful than a pamphlet. I made a pamphlet, lol.


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What's the subject? Maybe you can make it relate? Like stress balls with factoids for stress management or something?