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DallasRN said:

Maybe suggest she go see her psychiatrist?  I'm definitely not a school nurse - never even worked pedi - but using my best judgment I somehow don't think school nurses are qualified to handle brain tumors.  😁

I tried to go in that direction once and OMG, you would have thought I asked her to check into a mental institution. She doesn't believe in therapy, but she sure believes in going to other MD's. for just about anything. It looks like the brain tumor idea is starting to wear off.... She told me that the neurologist and neurosurgeon's that she has seen just don't seem to "get how ill she is" and can't seem to find a tumor. Imagine that?? When I see her come into the clinic, I try really hard to hide, or be too busy to talk to her. I just don't have time to spend over an hour talking to her about her symptoms, and her self diagnoses. It gets so bad sometimes, that I have had to talk to her administrator. 

DallasRN said:

Another thought - and again, I've NEVER had a school nurse experience (and I'm only reading this thread because I'm retired from nursing and too lazy to do my chores)...anyway...

For teachers that want the frequent b/p checks what about approaching it from the angle of "you (teacher) buy a b/p cuff (Amazon has some good but cheaper models) and bring it to the office for a lesson on how to use, keeping logs, etc.".  Teach them to take log to their doctor, use AHA guides...that sort of thing.  Perhaps even set up a couple of hours each semester for "teacher education" - with admin approval, of course.  Just a thought.

I actually LOVE this idea!

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