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teacher to nurse transition

by Nursetobe25 Nursetobe25 (Member)

has anybody made this switch? what was it like?

What do you like better about nursing than teaching?

mmc51264, ADN, BSN, MSN, RN

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I teacher before I was a nurse. I found it a fairly easy transition and I love nursing much better than teaching. I think being a teacher helps you recognize learning strengths in your pts. My biggest thing is that I am in a RN-BSN online program and I want ot grade everyone's discussion board posts LOL

The thing that I like about nursing is that that Ideal with adults. I take a certain amount of crap and I still have families to deal with, but I don't have 10-12 year olds telling me to f-off everyday. Teaching has gotten so far away from what it used to be. The same might be said about nursing but I not around then. I started teaching fairly late (early 40s) and nursing late 40s (not given tenure as a non-tenured Masters teacher-no union here).

Nursing is easier to leave work at work. I don't have to take anything home to grade. I trust that nurses following me are capable and I gladly give over the care to my patients without worry. It was harder as a teacher.

I love that if you've got a little snot of a patient, you see that annoying face a few days instead of ALL YEAR! Haha. Seriously, though. I loved teaching and I also love nursing. What I like about nursing is the lack of planning/grading. You come in then you're done that night...with hospital, at least.

Whispera, MSN, RN

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I was a teacher before I was a nurse. Discipline problems are so much less in nursing! I've never had to give a patient a time out! Well, I should take that back because I was a psych nurse, but that's not what we're talking about anyway. You don't have as much homework when you're a nurse, as when you were a teacher. You get paid more as a nurse. You get longer vacations as a teacher.

I think there's lots of teaching in nursing, and I became a teaching nurse after awhile. Maybe you'll do the same.