TCU Jan 2019/SRNA advice in general



I have been rejected from 2 CRNA schools in my area and I am feeling at a loss.

I plan on applying to TCU for Jan 2019 and it will be my top choice since I will be moving to Dallas for my significant other's job.

Those who have been accepted in the past- do you mind posting your stats or letting me know what they really look for?

I will have 2 years CVICU, 1 year ICU float pool, all at level 1 trauma academic medical centers before application, CCRN-CSC, 3.3 GPA (went to a top nursing school that is highly regarded that no one had over a 3.5 in because it is a huge weed out program). I have taken 2 grad courses (Adv patho and Adv pharm)- A's and I am considering taking Biochem to boost my undergrad science GPA.

Currently waiting to hear back from TWU but have not yet.

I have a letter of rec from an anesthesiologist, CRNA, and nurse manager.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Hi cvicunurse123,

I'll be applying for 2019 as well, so best of luck to you! I would also love to hear from current/past students as well. This will be my first year applying and I'm very nervous but excited!

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Application deadline is July 1st, 2018 for the 2019 class, correct? If so I will be apply as well. Will take the CCRN and GRE this Spring. Should have a 3.18 GPA when I graduate in December, 3.8ish science GPA, 2 years MSICU in May, and 3.5ish GPA on last 60 hours.

I'm curious to know previous stats as well

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Has anyone started on their application? I now have my CCRN and have taken my GRE. I don't feel to comfortable with my GRE score, 153V & 145Q (haven't received my AW score yet), but feel I don't have time restudy and take it again before the application is due. I hope that the rest of stuff will help me at least get an interview.


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I have completed my application. I am waiting on my LOR from a CRNA to turn in.


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My application is complete! Yay! I'm not super confident with my stats, but would really love to be a CRNA. You'll never know if you don't try! GRE 304 AW 4, CCRN, ACLS,BLS, PALS, CVICU RN for 4 years working at a level 2 hospital. Lots of experience with ECMO, LVADS, IMPELLA, IABP, CRRT and recovering sick hearts. GPA overall 3.4, but 3.7 in nursing school. (I'm currently signed up for organic chemistry to boost my gpa) Good Luck everyone!! :)

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I've submitted my application as well but I'm also still waiting on a LOR to come in from my manager. I have references from one of my BSN instructors and from one of our critical care nurse practitioners. I will be shadowing in the next few weeks with two different CRNA's. All that I will have left after that is to turn in the support material such as transcripts, shadow experience, and clinical experience. Looking forward to this exciting process.


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I just submitted mine as well. I heard from a current student that as long as you meet all the requirements you will be granted an interview. So because of that I'm retaking my GRE June 1st because my previous score was below their required score :no: I applied to TWU previously and didn't get an interview, they also suggested I retake the GRE to be more competitive. Hopefully I do better this time! Good luck guys!


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Hi everyone! Thanks cowboymedic for telling me about this thread. This is my first time applying, taking the GRE Sunday í ½í¹ˆ, really not looking forward to it. Stats: 3 years CVICU (lvads, ecmo, lots of fresh hearts), 1 year SICU, 3.68 gpa, CCRN-CSC. I've got everything submitted except my GRE.

Hey everybody,

stumbled upon the thread from a google search.

Current stats

GPA 3.78

3.5 years experience ICU (Trauma/CVICU/Gen)

GRE 303 - 150 V 153 Q 4.5 WRITING


CCRN in 2 Weeks

BSN - Currently in last semester. This is my only concern but according to FAQ/Admissions office this is okay.

Waiting on LOR from Anesthesiologist, Manager, Coworker.

Super nervous about applying, hope we all get accepted!


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So glad to be done with the application process. Excited for the potential for an interview and hopefully to meet some of you during the interview process.