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Hi All:

I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on the TCC Nursing program in Fort Worth. I am still working on my pre-req's so I have about a year before I can apply but was wondering if I could get some info about the program. Specifically, if one is allowed to work while going through the nursing program, and if so, if one is limited to a certain number of hours per week that they can work. My husband and I are thinking of having a house built but if I have to cut my hours, we may be rethinking the whole new house least until I get out of nursing school! Thanks in advance!


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i was taking a break from studying for my med-surg final tomorrow and saw your post and thought i would reply. i am actually finishing up my first year of nursing school at uta but my wife went through tcc- graduated may '02. i don't know what kind of info you want in general- i will address your work related question. tcc cannot stop you from working outside of school (i.e. as a pct in a hospital or even at albertson's sacking groceries) my guess is that they might dissuade you from working but people have done it in the past and will do it in the future. my wife was blessed in that i was working while we put her through school so she did not have to work, and now the roles are reversed- she works i do the school thing. it is really up to you ultimately whether you want to work or not and how much. i don't know if you know or not but tcc is an adn (associates degree program) so you will not have your bachelor's degree in nursing when you graduate- but that will not hinder job placement after graduation. there are plenty of opportunities to go back later and get your bachelor's degree. i've got to finish studying now but let me know if you have anymore questions re: tcc or even uta. i took all my prereq's pretty much at tcc so i know quite a bit about that stuff and the nursing school. dave


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Thank you so much for the information, it really helps. I plan on working full time through nursing school...unfortunately my husband is disabled and can't work so I have to work to support our family. I plan on going to UTA as well to get my bachelor's...I just wanted to go ahead and get the adn and get into the field and out of my current profession (I currently work for a brokerage firm and the financial industry is not for me). Thanks again for the info.

PS...I noticed your location is in Burleson...I graduated from Burleson High. :p

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