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Hi guys. I have a tattoo on the back of my neck that is normally covered by my ponytail, but I started thinking it would be nice to wear my hair up in a bun sometimes. I'd like some ideas for covering the tattoo- some kind of easy to apply tape, maybe kinesiology tape? I have fair skin and something not orange colored would be great.

I've looked at some of the products specifically made for this, and they have terrible reviews. This is the first time I'm dealing with this, as in my previous career tattoos were commonplace. All my others are under clothes.

I realize that I may not be required to cover it up, but I would prefer to in the workplace.


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Do you live with someone who can apply a tattoo concealer to the area for you? The non makeup alternatives aren't really that great. Like those silly ones that you put on like a temporary tattoo. If you go with tat coverup try Sephora, they have 3 different brands...all expensive, but will stay put all day.


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I know you asked for non-makeup ideas, but I don't know of anything that wouldn't either be obvious or just look silly when stuck to the back of your neck.

DermaBlend is a brand of makeup with a line made specifically for this purpose (scars, tattoos, bruises, spider veins). You can find it at professional beauty stores (Ulta, Sephora, etc).

I've never tried it but my cousin used it to cover a visible tattoo she did not want to show in her wedding pictures and it did a nice job.

Stop in one of the stores, the makeup artists will be happy to let you sample it and apply it for you to see if you like it. And, as mentioned above, be prepared to shell out some's on the pricier end.

Good luck!

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Hm...I'm a single lady, so I don't usually have someone around who could apply it for me. Maybe I can work it out with two mirrors though.


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How about having one of your classmates help you with it? I am sure they would be more than willing to help. But tat coverup would be your best option.

I just don't want to suggest those other products because if you are a pale as me, they will be more obvious than the tattoo itself;) And even using one of those flesh colored bandaids would look bad.

Please let us know what you come up with if you don't use the coverup.

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If you are ok with undershirts you can get sleeveless turtle neck style shirts to wear under your scrub top. My coworker has a small flower on her neck and it's covered with this. She will also just use a large bandaid or piece of cloth bandage tape when she needs to. Our employer does not require that "non offensive" tattoos be covered so she doesn't cover it often.

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If it becomes an issue dermablend is the way to go. I have a collarbone tattoo that I had to cover at one place and it works great. The people at Ulta helped teach me how to apply it best too.

Now my half sleeve mean I wear 3/4 length sleeve shirts at work if I'm somewhere that required it to be covered.

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Yes, I also used Dermablend to cover a tattoo I didn't want showing at my wedding, and it did a great job.