Taped report vs. verbal report


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We have a separate room for the tape recorder and this provides privacy. Verbals tend to take longer on our unit because people get involved with social issues (he said/she said). We start report promptly at a specified time. If you are not there the door is closed and you missed report. The off-going staff makes sure report is started on time and will "write up" the on-coming if they fail to start on time. After a reasonable amount of time has passed (depends on census) the off -going staff will begin to listen in via the intercom to see if report is finished. Another write up if you are just sitting there gabbing. AFTER report, any pertinient or new info is given to the charge nurse and primary nurse. We all get in trouble with the boss if we don't leave on time as they don't want to pay overtime. This works most of the time. No one wants to stay longer than necessary.

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