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Tampa/St. Pete hospitals

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Any thoughts on which are good/bad choices for a new grad looking to go straight into ICU? I live in S Tampa currently, and we're planning to buy a house either near downtown St. Pete or on Davis Island after I graduate. I have no interest in working med surg, and I've already applied to a few places. I hate driving, so we're probably going to buy based on where I get hired. That makes it important to find a place where I'll want to stay beyond my contract. It's so hard to figure out where to go based only on what the recruiters tell you, and we do all of our clinicals at the same hospital so I've only been exposed to one.

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Bayfront Medical Center probably has the best ICUs in the downtown area of St. Pete. primarily because of neuro and trauama. They do have a new grad program, but it might be hard to get into if you haven't done clinicals there or don't already work as a tech, but definity consider it if your considering living downtown. Also, All Children's Hospitals have great ICU's, but I don't know if they hire new grads.

St. Anthony's also has good ICUs. Lots of good surgical ICU cases there.

I would stick to the bigger not-for-profit hospitals because they see the most variety. Otherwise you'd be taking care of old snowbirds with pneumonia, chest pain and CHF (they need care too though).

I've heard good things about Tampa General. Two students I went to school with were both techs there during school and now both of them are in the ICU internship program and loving it! Also, it's closer to you than Bayfront.... Good luck!

I have been at TGH for ten years and live in the South Tampa area too. TGH has an excellent CCRP for graduate nurses. It allows you to float through the different ICU's until you find what area you like. The program consists of five units. The first is 24 weeks (20 with your preceptor and the last four you have a resource nurse available) and units two through five are about ten weeks long. If you find an area you like you can bid for the position then , or you can continue to float. Great opportunity if you are not sure what area of critical care you want. They have a great flyer on the program that gives you all this info and more. You can call recruiting and see about getting the flyer. TGH is also a Level I Trauma center so you will have plenty exposure to different areas. Plus, it sits right on Davis Island...Good luck to you!!!!!!!:nurse:

All Children's takes new grads into ALL of their specialty areas. They have that Versant new grad internship program.

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