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I am looking for help, I am a male in an RN program and I just found out I got a nurse assistant position. My problem is that I am 6'6" tall and need large scrubs 36-38" inseam. Can anyone help on a place to find them?? Thank You


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Landau usually carrys tall scrubs, some sites, (trying to remember.....) offer custom hems/hemming. Good luck. I feel for you. I'm always looking for tall scubs that fit well.

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I agree, I am tall myself, and Landau's longs are perfect for me, wash after wash!!


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to the OP, I do feel for you man! Unisex scrubs definitely are not made for us men. Landau does have tall pants, but look at White Swan or Dickies. Last I knew, they both had very tall pants that would fit. I only have a 34" inseam but I still have a hard time finding pants to fit that are tall enough! Most talls are 30-32", jsut plain ridiculous!!! When I have to get our surgical scrubs to fit me, I have to get a 2 or 3x in order to get them to fit me in the length. Looks ridiculous on me though!