Taking TEAs V5 Form B Tomorrow @ SDSU


I'm taking the TEAs tomorrow and I've been studying for quite a while now, on and off. This past week, I've been studying almost none stop, but I can't shake the gloom. I've familiarized myself with most of the stuff in the TEAs V5 study manual and I did pretty good on the practice tests at the end of the book. When hopping online to take the practice assessments on the ATI website however, I bombed the math section and there were quite a few questions that left me completely blank. Some of these questions weren't even covered in the book! I'm really really concerned now and I don't know what to do if I don't pass.

Math is my Achilles' heel and I'm not all too good with science either. I got an adjusted individual score of 72% on the online Form A assessment, and an even lower score on Form B. I don't understand.

I'm doing well according to the manual's standards, but the online assessment has left me shaken. I can't think straight now and I'm really afraid that if I can't pass, I'll just have to abandon my aspirations of being a nurse.

I got sick a few days back and have been on Nyquil and some flu medications. I haven't been myself lately. I can't concentrate and everything seems so surreal. I just don't know what to do.

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just try to relax and breathe. get as much sleep and make sure eat something before u take it. try not to stress yourself out too much over. believe in yourself and think positive and you will get positive results. by all means, please block out any negative thoughts and just say to yourself, i got this!!! blessings to u and do ur best!!!

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I would say there is a point before exams where it is really no use worrying anymore. You are either going to pass or you aren't and you might as well just relax, get the best sleep you can so your mind is clear, and go into it knowing you are smart and well prepared. And if you don't pass, you will at least know exactly where your weaknesses are for the next time.

I saw a video for the school I am looking to apply for that actually recommended just taking the test cold so that you can figure out what areas to focus on, then retake it. Though I would guess you could get the same results with practice tests. This school actually doesn't care how many times you took it. They just take your single, highest score.

Thanks... Guys. I appreciate your kind and inspirational words. I will try to tackle the test with another state of mind. I'll keep my standard low, but hope for the best. That's all I can do right...? I was just freaking out because if I fail the exam, I'd have to wait another whole year before being able to reapply. I'm already a third year college student, and I've recently heard that after four years, FAFSA cuts you off from it's program.

Now that I've calmed down a bit... I was wondering what you guys thought of the exam? Was it more or less difficult than the exam preps in either the book or online assessments?

Thank you..............

Good luck to you! I know exactly how you feel; I'm taking mine in March & I'm already scared to death!

I'm taking mine on Feb 29th and having a fulltime job and traveling sure does take a toll on the studying. Definitely trying to study the best I can, when I have the time.

Dont be scared. if you fail the first time, you can take it again. Mind you, I hope you do pass ont he first try but I'm just saying....