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So for the school im applying to just recently told me i have to take the TEAS exam before July 6th and they only care if you get a 69% or above on reading.

I've been studying for the reading portion for about 2-3 weeks now and im averaging between like 75-80% on each test.

I was wondering how similar is it to the ATI practice tests and the Mometrix exams.

Also how hard is the reading section on the real test?

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My suggestion is to browse through the threads in this forum, to glean information.

Or, do a search for "TEAS reading" or something similar, using the search box in the top right-hand corner.

I wish you success in studying and getting a good score!

The practice tests from the ATI website is the most similar you will ever get to the actual test. The practice tests are $46 each though.

Hey I am in your send page what version of teas do you have to take?

I think the reading section is the easiest part on the test. Just remained focus and use your common sense. If you want good practice, those ATI practice tests are really good. They're harder than the actual test so they prepare you. Good luck!

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