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I graduated last May with my LPN at our local community college. I got the job I wanted on the Surgical floor at our hospital. When the time came to return to school, I was so burnt and fried that I withdrew on the second day. I've continued working and yesterday I called the Dean of Nursing and guess what...........I'm in for January!

For me, it was the right thing to do to take a semester off. I am much more confident in my abilities and that I'm in the right field. I feel like myself again and not negative. My last semester at school, I didn't get through a clinical without tears, not once. I hated it!!!!

I am looking forward to going one semester, taking the summer off from school and finishing in the fall with my ADN.


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Congrats on your acceptance

I wish you all the luck in school!!!!

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Congradulations and Good Luck :balloons:


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Glad you are back at it! I have heard the longer you wait to go back the harder it is.....A semester off is a necessity though if you ask me!! LOL Good luck on the rest of your schooling.

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