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Taking NCLEX soon!!!

Hello, I am taking the nclex next month this is my second time taking it, last time there was an error with my name and the morning of the nclex was a nightmare as you all can imagine. I purchase Kaplan and I am working on that this time my results are on the 70s and 80s but I still feel I need more content. Any advise as what can I do, I certainly don't have time to read the book al over. Please any advise will be helpful.

I did the HURST review, it was 3 days in a classroom and a 4th day watching videos at home. Tons of content and it didn't take much time. Also, I passed my first time and that was the only review I did.

Good Luck!

Those are pretty high scores! I would say content-wise you are probably fine then, and I would definitely focus more on test-taking strategy if you can. Kaplan was really good in preparing me, I watched some of Hurst too, I thought it helped get me in the right mindset. If you are truly worried about content, I also recommend Hesi Comprehensive Review for NCLEX Ed. 4. I read through the Hesi hints and the Adv. Clinical Concept section when I was running out of time to study (maybe about a week before the test). Good luck!!!

Thanks a lot chelsieblondie, ADN,RN . I have heard a lot about Hurst how can i get it .

Thanks, you are probably right i guess its just the ansiety but i would like to do Hurst how can i get it.

Thanks a lot chelsieblondie, ADN,RN . I have heard a lot about Hurst how can i get it .

I know they travel around and host the classes in various states so I would look on the website or call. Also all the videos are online so maybe you can just watch those and order the manual to go with it. My school set it up and paid for us to take it so I don't know more details.

Thank you very much chelsieblondie, ADN,RN I will check that out . Thanks I really hope I can pass this time . I am praying to God.


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