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Taking the NCLEX soon

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Hi Everyone! i'm scheduled to take my exam this coming june 25 and i'm getting butterflies in my stomach already. i've been reviewing like crazy, i'm just using one book - Comprehensive Review by Saunders. i'll be done in a few days. i swore to myself i'll read the entire book. then i'll start answering the Q & A also by Saunders. i used to be very diligent in my studies, i can go on for hours for as long as i have something to munch on :-). now, i'm getting sleepy most of the time coz i'm 10 weeks pregnant, makes me wanna take a lot of breaks and take naps!

anyway, the NCLEX forum has been very helpful to me and i'd like to ask for your support and prayers as i take the most crucial exam of my life! i would love to hear from you. Thanks a lot.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.