Taking NCLEX RN in 4 weeks...help help help!!!


Im taking my boards in a few weeks and im enrolled in Kaplan's review course. Im getting nervous about the SATA questions because i tend to always miss one of the correct answers. To anyone that has taken and passed the test after Apr 2013: does Kaplan provide enough questions and information to be successful on boards or should i be using something else also? I hear hurst videos are good as well. Can you all give me some insight on these concerns? My email is ljaskake@gmail.com and im open to any material that you all feel will be helpful. Thanks.


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Hi..ijaskake.,,im also going to take my test on july., and i heard that hurst review is better than kaplan but im following kaplan book for review and strategies and it s good, and also i recommend pda by lacharity which i ordered today for priority, delegation and assignment type of questions..all the best:)


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I just passed the NCLEX and used Kaplan exclusively. They have a Qbank Sample test that is completely made up of alternate questions, mostly SATA and another sample test that is just priority Qs. I did all of the Qbanks and all of the Trainers as well as these two sample tests.