Taking NCLEX RN really soon!


Hi there! I'm taking my NCLEX RN exam really soon for the first time and I am super nervous. I am trying hard to keep it cool and calm so I can focus when I study and so I won't panic on the actual test. Anyways, I have been using Kaplan and NCSBN 3-week course. I have mostly been using Kaplan though, I have access to the online course (QBanks and Qtrainers) and I've been reading the Kaplan RN course book 5 days a week every week for the past few weeks. I have been getting about a 40-60% on my online reviews on both Kaplan and NCSBN, mostly 50s and some 60s. On my Kaplan diagnostic test, I got a 55% and on my readiness test I got a 60.8%. My Kaplan teacher said that if you get a 60% and over on the Kaplan readiness test, then that means you are ready to take the test. I didn't feel ready even though I got a 60.8%. That was a few weeks ago and I have been studying everyday; yet, I still do not feel ready! There's just so much information to remember and to know. There's no way I can know everything, even if I took another month to study.

I've talked with several people in school who already took NCLEX. Some of them got 40s on the Kaplan questions and passed with 75 questions. Others have scored 50s and 60s on the questions, and they passed with over 100 questions. So it varies from person to person. Some people thought Kaplan was easier than the actual NCLEX and others thought NCLEX was way easier than Kaplan. Anyways, i'm utilizing the rest of my time as best as I possibly can. I take a day off though every week for rejuvination. Prayers are very much needed and appreciated! Trying not to freak out, but I just feel so overwhelmed....too much info!!

Oh and of course, the time that I can actually take my exam is when the passing standard raises! Just my luck.... and this doesn't help my anxiety levels at all!


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You'll do fine. Don't worry too much about those numbers. Just make sure you read every rationale even if you get the question correct. Make sure you understand why you got the questions wrong on the ones you missed. Take your time, try to relax and practice breathing exercises. Also, just prepare yourself to sit 6 hours and take all 265 questions. Not saying this will happen but just in case it doesn't stop at 75, you won't panic and freak out. Remember, as long as you keep getting questions, you're still in the game. I got all 265 questions with 3 seconds remaining and I passed. I think because I prepared myself to sit the entire 6 hours, I didn't panic past 75. Good luck to you! Hope this helps :-)

I'm reading the rationales and it helps me to understand the material better; however, I get scared about how in depth you have to think in order to come to some of the right answers. If I can't get it right in practice, how can I get the thinking right in the actual NCLEX?


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I agree, you have to prepare yourself mentally that if you dont stop at 75 you still have a fighting chance. I sat 5.5hrs and finished 265 questions. i almosted started to freak out past 75, but i took deep breaths, prayed, and reminded myself that it means i still have a shot. Bring something sweet so you have sugar, coz trust me i was trembling after i took my break at 190. Ryt now im still waiting the 48hr to get the quick results, i did the PVT... I got the good pop up. Im just praying this thing is accurate, coz im still freaking out. The was the hardest test i ever took, they ask you thing that really questions your ability. Lots of prioritizations and delegations, prepare for the SATA my first 5 questions were SATA... If freaks you out when you see that. GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS!!

Thanks, SATA is my weakest!! I'm gonna look at NCLEX 3500 to practice SATA. I'm also using Kaplan and NCSBN. I'm planning on bringing a bunch of food, and taking a break after 75 questions. Go to bathroom and eat a snack, pray, do some breathing exercises, then go back and attack the beast of a test! And then after another 75 questions, take another break..... I'll take a breather after every 75 questions.....


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Yeah that is a good plan. NSCBN is really good, i think it help me alot, their questions are great and very similar to NCLEX. If you have PDA by lacharity that would be a good tool, i think 40% of my exam was prioritization and delegation, they get very tricky with them, like you think the last 2 possible choices are both equally critical. I also had exhbit question like 4 of them, 2 ecg, 1 calculation, 3 meds that i never heard of and i could not break it down to any reasonable classification really guessing on those, and 1 procedure where you have to put the steps in order. Billings was a really good question bank that i used has all the possible formats you could get.