Taking NCLEX next week iceor the 4th time I need adva

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Hi everyone, In have read so many encouraging, inspiring journey of how the struggle, I need some advice, my test in next week.


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There are a ton of study tips and suggestions on this website. Above are some I was recently reading over. You can also browse through the nclex-discussion forum or search in the top right corner with keywords such as "nclex tips'

Here are some of my tips, I am also preparing to take the nclex in march:

Manage your time. Don’t cram for the exam! Make sure to set aside enough time each day to review the materials before the test. It’s essential to make the exam a top priority to do your very best, and it’s been advised to answer at least 1,000 test prep questions prior to taking the test itself. • Take a review course. There are many review courses available – both online and in-person – to help you prep for the exam. Many universities provide review classes as well. NCLEX study books are also available for purchase if you study better solo.

-Saunders, Kaplan, Davis, NCSBN course online

• Study! Even though your classes at nursing school have definitely helped you to prepare for the NCLEX exam over the years, existing knowledge alone isn’t enough to pass the exam. It’s important to understand exactly how the test questions are written, and be sure to take as many practice exams as you can. When the time comes, don’t wing it – you want to go into the test feeling as confident and prepared as possible.

Take the Kaplan Review Class!!!! Luther built in the fee of this class into our tuition each semester, which was nice because we never really saw how much we actually paid for it. It's around $300 I think? My class was at the beginning of January from Wednesday through Saturday from 9:00am-4:00pm each day. We went through a ton of practice NCLEX questions and learned the Kaplan Decision Tree and how to approach questions, as well as general information about what to expect during NCLEX.

- With the Kaplan class, you also get access to the Kaplan website with thousands of practice tests and questions, which is ultimately the best way to study. You just need to get used to the type of questions NCLEX asks.

- Also on that website are a series of lectures about the different topics of NCLEX reviewing content and medicatons. This information is also in the review book that Kaplan has. I listened to all the lectures (which, to be honest, takes quite a while....maybe 2 weeks if you're doing 4 hours a day), but it's really helpful.

- I started out around 4 hours a day and ended up, some days, studying 2-2.5 hours a day. Even if you only have 30 minutes to study in a day, make sure you take practice questions. I always tried to take 50 questions each day just to keep up with the habit.

- Make notecards as you get closer to NCLEX with information that you are continually having trouble remembering and quiz yourself. Also, KNOW YOUR LAB VALUES!! By memorizing common lab values (AST/ALT, Hgb/Hmt, Lithium levels, INR, PT/PTT, Dig levels, etc), This is a must!

- Kaplan has an iPhone app that has some practice questions. There's a free version and a version you can buy.

- Go into the test with some confidence to help calm your nerves. Being too anxious can kill you before this test. Stay calm!

- About 15 of the questions you get are actually just questions that NCLEX is trying out for use in future tests. You won't know which questions these are, but they don't count towards your score.

- Go to the library with a headset, a laptop, ear plugs, coffee or water, a can of nuts (if your not allergic to it, or just any snack to feed your brain)

-I also search on youtube for topics I am having hard time remembering, it helps me because I am a visual learner. There is a ton of stuff on youtube like mnemonics and disease processes and of course many nclex youtubers just search "nclex"

-Also I have instagram and I follow a few pages on instagram that post strictly nclex questions and tips daily. you can find these by searching tags "nclex" (this helps me when I am at work I can go over them)

-Also I love the site allnurses.com everyone is so supportive and helpful and if you are having trouble with a topic, you can just post it on here for tips

-Good luck. Don't give up!


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Thank you for posting that advice

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