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Taking the Nclex next July 27, 10:00 AM NYC

Hello everyone, I have to say that this site help me a lot, to get focus in my studies, it's hard for be to spend more that 2 hours focus in this, certainly I wanna pass this stupid exam, i feel stock myself, knowing that i took 5 years of nursing school in my country(Cuba).

Starting all over in the US territory, i have plenty of friends very good nurses with amazing experience that they don't even have CNA licence, English issues, if you don't know english impossible to move forward, thank God that at least i can communicate.

I am taking Kaplan review seems help so far specially with the tree of needs, for sure you have more posibilities of pick the right answer, when you apply that.

I doing questions by all the softwears, out there, I have the feeling that every single book if another point of view and another way to practice your knowledge in content, iam agree with this exam is all about to apply content, if you don't know the disease you gonna be guessing for sure, or picking by clues, not good at all.

The new Saunders is awesome, plus lippincot is good in rationals, not in complexity of questions Nclex type.

Guys all of you that passed already,Congratulations!

I am looking forward myself to put in this site I am RN in the US. :hatparty:

Thanks to all of you for share, it's very important for us, specially the ones out of school conections, I am a PCT at a vascular surgery unit.

I have a friend from India that after 10 times she just passed, it's awesome, to see her in the unit as an RN, she is so happy new looks, better life plus :balloons:

I gonna keep myself post, need support and people telling me that i have to get more discipline to study in this month left, I have a position at the ER of my hosp if i pass how excited.

Hope that everyone keep inspired and focus.

Greetings from Brooklyn NY.


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