Taking Micro in the summer?


I am looking at taking microbiology this summer along with one nursing class. I think I am going to take this as a hybrid (online) course, where all lecture notes are online and then I would have to go in once a week for an all day lab session and go to a testing center to take the tests. Has anyone done this? I really have no choice but to take it online if I take it this summer..... Does it sound completely crazy to take an online micro course along with a nursing class? :confused:


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I took Microbiology in the Fall and I really enjoyed it a lot. Some of the already nurses that was taking it said it was a waste of their time, and it did nothing for them. I however, think that it it helps understand the way some microbes cause harm, and therefore help with treatment methods.

I did take it completely on campus, but my friend is taking it hybrid this semester and she is really having a hard time with it. She said she isn't the best at "teaching" herself the material with online "lectures", and when everyone shows up for lab they are mostly all completely lost. Could be different with your school, but Science stuff I just don't think I would do online.

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Ditto. I think you have to have some sort of familiarity with the subject if you attempt to take the class online. I took micro last summer & got a B. It was a month long, and hard, but if you put a couple of hours of study time in each day, it won't be so bad. Good luck!


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Thanks for the input!! I'm going to take it this summer but I'm taking it as a night class so I have an actual teacher...Thanks!!

I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that, personally. I am currently taking micro in a class room setting, and will be starting nursing school in August, and I have to say that some parts of micro have been difficult. I didn't take a medical microbiology class, instead I took a micro class intended for biology majors who are trying to get a bachelor of science in biology. The class does talk about medical microbiology, but we also cover cell nutrition, microbial metabolism and respiration, microbial genetics, microbial anatomy and physiology, and a lot of other topics that a general medical micro class isn't going to talk about. For me, I definitely needed the teacher to explain the material to me, and I wouldn't have felt comfortable trying to learn the material online and then going to a testing center to take the exams. As for the lab component, we all read our lab, figure out the procedure, and then do the lab the next time we are in class. Labs aren't the hard part, learning all the material and retaining that knowledge until test time is the hard part. I wouldn't feel comfortable with trying to learn the material online and then going to a testing site to take the test, and I wouldn't feel comfortable attempting micro with a nursing class in the summer either.


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I think you should be fine taking microbiology with another nursing class. I'm planning on taking microbiology this summer as well, and my sister took it last summer. She is also a nursing student. She had no trouble with microbiology and said it was relatively easy, so it shouldn't be too bad to manage with another class. Good luck!:)

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Wow!!! we have micro for 6 wks in the summer and nursing 1 too. Both class arent hard(as far as the concept of it) but do require alot of reading... I say "GO FOR IT" but just keep yourself organized and read, read, read.. Good luck